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Some amazing features of iOS12

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The WWDC has unveiled iOSiOS12 12 — this software defines the iPhones for 2018, while also updating current iPhones and iPads. Coming soon, the software update will bring updates to apps, augmented reality, Animoji, FaceTime (in groups!), photos, and “do not disturb” mode.


Group facetime

iOS12 has finally brought group FaceTime — iOS users can add up to 32 people to one FaceTime call, or start a FaceTime with members of an existing group chat in iMessage. While one person is speaking, their icon on the call enlarges, moving the focus to their face. You can even FaceTime using your preferred Animoji or your individualizsd Memoji.

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Siri notifications

Siri’s new shortcuts feature can provide information and services that it assumes you may need throughout your day. It can even identify repeated or upcoming events on your schedule and offer actions to help.

You can create individualised voice prompts through the new shortcut editor that lets you set up your own commands for personal needs. Siri can be programmed to respond to commands like “make me happy,” “order my coffee,” or “find my keys.” There will be hundreds of default commands to download when iOS12 comes, alongside the many you can personalize for yourself.


Screen time

Surprisingly, Apple’s going to help you use your phone less: iOS12 lets you set time limits on apps. Through an app called Screen Time, users can set a customized time limit for any app. This way, your phone will notify you when you’re using the app for too long. Screen Time offers a way to keep track of time you spend on your phone. This app gives weekly reports on how often you use your device, counting notifications from apps, time spent in maps and more.

You can click on specific days to see what you spent time doing. Screen Time keeps track of the number of times different apps notify you, calculating the average notifications within an hour and throughout the day. This new feature can help make people more aware of wasted time on social media. It can also be useful for parents who want to set limits and monitor their kids’ time on certain apps.


Do not disturb

Apple’s Do Not Disturb function is more personalized, making it even easier to avoid looking at your screen. You can choose a specific amount of time when you want to avoid seeing any or all pesky notifications. To avoid being awakened by your phone after bedtime, you can put your phone on ‘do not disturb’. Simply change it again in the morning to see all notifications you didn’t look at the night before.


Measuring app

Say goodbye to measuring tape: iOS12 brings an app that uses your iPhone camera to measure real-life objects. You can make multiple measurements on the same object by tapping on the edges of the object through your phone or tablet’s camera. The dimensions will then show up on your screen in an easy-to-understand visualization. The measuring app can be used for both 2D and 3D objects. For instance, a 2D baby picture of Craig Federighi.


Improved performance

The software is focused on improving the performance of older devices, like the iPhone 6 Plus. iOS12 will come to the all iPhones and tablets from 2013 to the present, just like iOS 11.


Faster CPU

iOS12 brings new features while also promising faster performance. The central processing unit (CPU) now works quicker than that in iOS 11.

The CPU is up to two times speedier in share sheet display and app launch under load.


App updates

The News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Books apps are all getting refreshed.

In the updated Apple news app, a new browse tab and sidebar makes it easier to find new channels or different topics, or to jump to your favourites. Top stories are hand-picked by Apple News’ editorial team.


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