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Some of those interested in contesting will not witness 2019 elections —Prophet Kure

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Prophet Emmanuel Nuhu Kure of Throneroom (Trust) Ministry doesn’t need much introduction. From his Kafanchan church headquarters in Kaduna, he has, in no small way, effected the message of the gospel within and beyond Nigeria, and been at the forefront of various experiences in the nation’s polity. He shares his prophecies for the 2019 elections, why he thinks Nigeria hasn’t benefited from long-term quality leadership, and what God told him in a vision about Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.RITA OKONOBOH provides excerpts.


WE’VE had Christian leaders like you have opportunities to influence national affairs. It’s been almost 60 years since the country got its Independence. Why do you think long-term quality leadership still evades Nigeria?

It’s because everyone comes with his vision of what he thinks Nigeria should look like and does not open up to superior revelations about what would make Nigeria better. And because they stick to their dogmas about Nigeria, they don’t open up to things that will actually move us forward. It has kept us in one place. Secondly, there is selfishness. We don’t have enough real, patriotic people. Thirdly, the older generation has not carried the younger generation along. There is a gap between the youths and the older ones. Wole Soyinka said recently that the age group of those who rule Nigeria were between 17 and 40 in the time of Nnamdi Azikiwe. Many of them were between 17 and 37. Today, they are in their 70’s and even older than that. Something is wrong. A generation has been cut off. So, part of this prayer is to restore that generation that is lost and to open a new doorway. We are going to ask ‘Pharaoh’ to let them go, so that they can fulfil their destiny. And let me tell you: any old man that refuses to let the young ones rise, his time to go too has come. God will release him gently. He has served too; he should go.


Has God told you anything specifically about Nigeria?

That I can’t divulge for now. A lot of things that are going to be decided for next year’s election. It is not those who would stand for the election next year that are speaking now. That is the pregnant statement. Some of those who are signing in will not see the election next year. I’ll leave it at that.

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You shared a vision about a prophetic revelation concerning Ibadan. What was it about?

We got a warning last year from the Lord, that the future destiny of this land is about to be hijacked by the kingdom of darkness and some seemingly unrelated issues that are taking place now might open the portal, in a way, for the destiny of Ibadan to be aborted and God commanded us to come and stop it. Ibadan is a pivotal instrument in the hands of the Lord that has the capability to influence the future of Nigeria. If anything goes wrong in Nigeria, it will affect the rest of us. God says Ibadan is a landmark and an ancient land that has the capability to change and influence the direction of the country. Without Ibadan, Nigeria cannot survive, and without the secrets that are hidden in Oyo State, Nigeria cannot survive. So, it’s our business to put our hands together because the future destiny of the state is being decided this year. Whether in the political, social, economic or the spiritual, a lot of things are going to happen this year in Ibadan that will rewrite the story of many things for the future. And God said we should pray here to give direction to those things. So, we invite everyone in Oyo State that can pray, and believes in the God of heaven, to join us in that prayer convocation.


The ancient city of Ibadan still marks festivals and celebrates traditional institutions. What’s your advice to the people of Ibadan at this time, in the light of the prophetic revelation?

Our forefathers, when they did not know the God of heaven that we serve today, served what their consciences allowed them in order to try to make contact. As the Lord visits the land by revelation, the people will begin to give up traditions that should not be kept and those traditions that have eternal relevance to the welfare of the people will be maintained by the Lord, because those are the foundations of scripture.


After the forthcoming crusade, what are your expectations?

After the crusade, God is going to overhaul everything that should not be that is already. Also, the poisonous atmosphere shall be removed. There will be open heavens, both for the present and the future of this land. From the traditional institutions, to the political, there is going to be a re-visitation and a turnaround of everything. Ibadan should get ready and brace itself up for surprises. God is going to surprise this land even in politics next year. Even in the traditional institutions, God is going to surprise Ibadan. And for the issues that cannot be settled by humans, the divine will settle it. And when God has spoken, who can stop it? So, Ibadan is going to witness a lot of surprises after this crusade takes place. Sudden changes will take place; new regulations are going to be made – note that, because when God starts making the change, we’ll have to start making laws to accommodate the changes, both in the traditional, constitutional, and in the political. I’m expecting a turnaround.


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