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Stakeholders advocate, innovation in management practices

Stakeholders advocate, innovation in management practices

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Feyisayo Popoola

Management experts have called for the adoption of innovative tools and techniques in management practices for companies to achieve better results.

Speaking at the first induction of Professional Change Management Practitioners in Lagos, they said change management was about how to achieve superior results, drive growth and how to make the impact of any change less disruptive.

The Registrar, Institute of Change Management International, Mr. Joseph Anetor, said that the birth of the institute was motivated by the desire to bring professionalism to the management of change.

He said the aim of the association was to close the yawning skill gap in change management by providing professional support to businesses, organisations, institutions and individuals as they seek to generate value in their different endeavours.

According to him, the lack of professional change management has resulted in needless business failures, avoidable job losses, loss of profits, declining productivity, missed opportunities, lost promotion chances on the part of employees, as well as demotivated and uncommitted employees.

Anetor stated that to find a balance, professionals must re-educate and re-skill themselves by focusing on building the right capabilities that would help them keep up and stay ahead of competition.

He stated that the institute was built on the vision to take professional change management practices to the smallest organisation using the skills of people.

He added that the inauguration of the institute was in line with the vision to provide an umbrella for professionals to network and share relevant change management knowledge and experiences, which members could leverage to raise their performances.

Anetor said, “That process has started with this gathering today. We must make the most of this opportunity by interacting as much as possible and learn as much as possible.

“Learning is a symbiotic exchange; one can only learn when he or she is willing to accept the fact that there is something to be learnt from the other person. Stooping down to learn requires both confidence and humility.”

He urged the inductees to always strive to make a difference, stating that people would respect them for the value of their ideas, the problems they could solve and the solutions they could provide.

He said the institute was challenging all professionals to define the path for professional change management practice, build subject matter experts, lead change management advocacy, regulate, research, train and certify practitioners.

“We cannot be caught unawares. We must be in the forefront of defining our future to avoid the dangerous consequences of lack of preparation. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our people, our institutions and our governments to signal emerging changes and generate solutions that have the potential to create the necessary balance,” Anetor added.

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