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Stars making waves

Stars making waves

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At any point in time in Nigeria, there are usually actors and other entertainers making the airwaves tick. Today, I’ve chosen to focus on two of these stars who aren’t only making waves but are ruling the airwaves. Make that ‘still ruling the airwaves’. One of them may have been doing so for longer but whatever the differences may be between them, they have a lot in common. Both actresses are well spoken of and more importantly, they both appear to take their craft very seriously.

It seems like everywhere you turn, these two women will pop up on the airwaves, in one form or the other. You cannot but notice them. They are in movies, TV series, product endorsements, etc.  Yet, not enough is written about them. Allow me to present to you actresses, Tina Mba and Shaffy Bello.

Let’s begin with Shaffy Bello who got viewers’ attention when she began featuring as Joanne Lawson, the man-eating cougar on Tinsel. Only then did it register that she was the singer in the video of Love Me Jeje by Seyi Sodimu back in 1997. Around that same time, Shaffy was making waves on Tinsel, she was also on Taste of Love. Although I wasn’t a great fan of Taste of Love, Shaffy did hold her own as Adesua.

Since then, Shaffy Bello has become quite visible, featuring in movies like Hire A Man, It’s Her Day, When Love Happens, Gbomo Gbomo Express, etc. She was the conniving stepmother to Deere in Deere, dubbed an African Cinderella type of story. The next time Shaffy would be ultra-visible was in Battleground as the ‘lovelorn’ Adaora, wife of Chief Kolade Bhadmus, who was still beholden to her first love, Danlami.

Now, in what seems like a revamping, Shaffy’s character in Tinsel, Joanne, has been ‘humanised’ as we now see a different side to her as bff to Sheila and the business savvy partner to Brenda. Just before writing this, I ran into Thwarted where Shaffy is Efe.

Tina Mba on the other hand has been around for much longer having worked her way from stage to TV to the big screen. She has also appeared in both English and Yoruba movies. Nowadays, you can catch Tina Mba every weekday as Eboh, the ruthless matriarch of the Doregos family in Forbidden.  Her body of work is an impressive list: Tango With Me, Married But Living Single, Bariga Sugar, Make A Move, Okafor’s Law, Gidi Blues, Meet The In-laws, Three Wise Men, and counting.

Last year was apparently a bumper one for Tina Mba because of movies like Omoye, Isoken, In Line, Room 315, The Bridge, You Me Maybe, Two Grannies And A Baby, Gold Statue, and Alter Ego.

Let’s air it for Tina Mba and Shaffy Bello as we keep our eyes on them.

‘Babangida asks politicians to seek the unity of Nigeria.’

-Nigeria’s former head of state Ibrahim Babangida, Channels TV headlines, July 18, 2018.

This statement, credited to the former President, would have qualified for an ‘Awww, he loves Nigeria so much’ moment. Who can fault an elder statesman like IBB working very hard and going out of his well-deserved rest to canvass Nigeria’s unity?

Except that it brings to mind his time – all of eight years plus – as Nigeria’s head of state. IBB it was who annulled the June 12, 1993 presidential election, adjudged to be Nigeria’s freest and fairest election thus far. How unifying was that for Nigeria? Chief MKO Abiola, the presumed winner, only presumed because of the annulment by IBB was later arrested, detained and he died in detention.

Abiola was recently awarded Nigeria’s highest honour usually reserved for presidents by President Muhammadu Buhari and June 12 declared Democracy Day. But from Babangida, the author of the June 12 1993 impasse, not a word of apology or a sincere explanation.

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