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Synergitrust unveils brand in Nigeria

Synergitrust unveils brand in Nigeria

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It was all excitement last week at the Royal Events Centre, Ikeja, as people from various walks of life gathered in anticipation of witnessing the unveiling of Synergitrust, the number one social marketing network platform in Africa which is set to take online shopping to the elites and for the first time to the grassroots.

The main bowl of the hall was parked full with the different stakeholders, especially representatives of the official strategic service partners of Synergimart Digital Marketing Ltd some of which are banks, Interswitch, FEDEX/Red Star Express, merchants, buyers, agents, and others. There was also a heavy presence of the media to witness the occasion.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Synergitrust, Mr. Muyiwa Ojo, who was visibly excited, enthused that the eCommerce business was a dream of over two decades, precipitated due to a disappointment he suffered in another online business, however, adding that the actualisation of Synergitrust really started in 2016.

Speaking at the event, Ojo said: “The unveiling of this iconic social marketing network, will no doubt offer a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of goods and services within a well-defined market space that will encourage financial inclusion. For one to enjoy the full benefits of this platform, the individual is required to register to become a member and thereafter can actively tap into business opportunities therein and successfully carry out transactions without necessarily being physically present to initiate them.”

Comparing  Synergitrust  with the other online shops in Nigeria, he said while those ones are concentrating on the literate and the elites in the country, “we shall not only attend to the literates but we shall also attend to the unlearned and those residing in every nook and cranny of the country.”

On how the online shop will achieve this feat of serving the unlearned in the villages, Ojo, speaking exclusively to The Nation reporter, said the over 5,000 agents which the company will recruit will work at the state and local government levels.

Regretting that the many consumers in the remote towns are neglected because they are not educated and in most cases cannot afford data, the CEO said that their agents working in the LGA are being trained on how to relate and service prospective buyers in the villages.

Clarifying, Ojo noted that “Synergitrust agents are independent marketing representatives that will soon spread to 774 LGAs and 36 states plus FCT in Nigeria and subsequently Africa and other parts of the world. Currently, the company is on vigorous recruitment exercise to engage a minimum of 5,000 agents to cover Nigeria, thereby creating a minimum of 20,000 jobs in Nigeria alone. Having developed and packaged solutions to initial problems of lack of education and money that made industry leaders in eCommerce to neglect the grassroots people, the agents will assist in deploying solutions in every nook and cranny of Nigeria. In order to encourage, inspire and motivate agents for positive actions, the company has created ten (10) streams of income for them; that is, 10 different ways of making money as Synergitrust agent.”

Synergimart Digital Marketing Limited, the operators of Synergitrust, is an IT-driven global marketing company operating from Lagos, Nigeria. The company kick started her pre-launch operations with the unveiling of her flagship product, Synergitrust.

Talking more on the new brand, Ojo, said that it is a global marketplace where buyers meet sellers in a socially friendly online environment. “Synergitrust is a disruptive innovation and robust e-Commerce system designed and developed on Buyer to Buyer [B2B], Buyer to Consumer [B2C] and Consumer to Consumer [C2C] eCommerce business models.

“It has three main components that are knitted together. They are Synergitrust Business Club, Synergitrust Merchants and Synergitrust Agents.  The Business club members form community of buyers on the platform while Synergitrust merchants are product owners, manufacturers, importers, service providers and general merchants, who are sellers on the platform. Since Synergitrust is set to take online shopping to the grassroots, therefore, we have the third components or category of people called agents who will work together with the company to create a new tribe in eCommerce,” noted Ojo.

Talking about the Synergitrust Business club, he explained that “One of the attractive and great features of Synergitrust Business Club is the financial empowerment. As a registered member of the online business club, one stands to earn residual income through a highly improved referral system. Members are encouraged to introduce the club to potential members and refer them. However, referral of members is not compulsory but encouraged in order to earn more financial compensation for talking to people about this business. In Synergitrust, whether you refer or not, you will earn residual income on the system. In addition, part of the earnings is to be used for general purchases on the platform while the other part can be cashed out to local banks. This is what encourages merchants to join us, knowing full well that sales are guaranteed on the platform.”

When a new merchant/seller signs up with Synergitrust, a Merchant Portal is automatically created for the merchant to do his business. The portal is strategically designed and integrated with SynergiMARKET, the business hub of Synergitrust. From within the portal, merchants are allowed to post their products or services using the “e-hawking” system designed with features for buyers’ attention and patronage and engage buyers in the market regularly, from the convenience of their respective spaces, home or offices.

Therefore, it is interesting to know that Synergitrust has entered into strategic partnership with reputable institutions in the country to ease the process of business transaction on the platform. Organisations like Interswitch for payment processing, MTECH for secured SMS transaction notification services and FEDEX/Red Star Express for effective courier service delivery and handling logistics.

Also, the chairman of the company, Mr. Okey Ogunjiofor, assured the public of the highest level of professionalism while discharging her duties which is guided by the company’s core values: T.I.E. i.e. Trust, Integrity and Excellence and also encouraged them to deal freely with the company. The company is set to fulfil her vision of becoming the foremost global marketing company driven by technology, to take her rightful position in eCommerce world within the next five years. He emphasised that trust is the second name of the company and the company will do everything possible to project the brand and Nigeria in a positive light to the world.

Conclusively, Synergitrust is taking online shopping to the grassroots and in the process creating a new tribe in eCommerce. With Synergitrust, you can buy, you can sell, you can make money and do lots more, because the fun of online shopping has moved to a new address

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