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TCN’s capacity utilisation dips to 14.8%

TCN’s capacity utilisation dips to 14.8%

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• Firm begs govt to provide security

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has raised concern over the reduction in the load utilisation of its distributor company in Odogunyan substation, Ikorodu, Lagos State  to 14.8 per cent.

Its Assistant General Manager, Transmission Egbin Sub-region, Ajiboye Oluwagbenga who conducted the Federal Ministry of Power inspection team from Abuja, explained that although the 132/33KVA substation has 96megawatt (Mw) load allocation, it is currently grossly under-utilised.

He said there was high hope for demand for the load when the TCN was constructing the plant but the Ikeja Electric which is the major distributor of the power is now rejecting the load and rendering the plant almost idle.

He said: “It is a 2*60MVA. It was commissioned by the minister on May, 7 2018. Presently our projection about the loading is not being met. We have 2*60MVA which is equivalent to 96Mw. But currently we are just making about 14Mw. This morning it was on 20Mw but now it is on 14Mw, translating to about 14.8 per cent loading.”

The major target of the power consumer which is Mega Steel was utilising 28Mw upon the commissioning of the project last year, but he noted that the dwindling economy has compelled the firm to reduce its demand for power.

According to him, before the completion of the Odogunyan project, the TCN was only wheeling power from a 132KV single line between Ikorodu and Sagamu, called 132KV single line.

He said: “With the connection of Ikorodu-Sagamu to double circuit, there is need for additional bay at Ikorodu since it is going to be additional line now. We need to have the second bay. It is the one that is being constructed by these people. The bay which is the expansion project is almost 95 per cent. Every equipment has been tested. This one will take just one day to fix this thing back. If was with Odogunyan project and it was awarded  in 2010. Its commencement was 2011-2012 while completion and commissioning was in May 2018. The line will be completed in July this year. It is a different project.”

At the Odogunyan substation, the Principal Manager, System Operation Area Control, Mr. Adeniyi Adeleke appealed to the Federal Government to draft armed security personnel from the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps to take over the surveillance of the power plant.

He told the inspection team that was on a fact finding mission that there are no Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the substation.

He said: “We don’t have issues with the community presently but the security situation is not okay. We will appreciate a situation where we can have law enforcement agents   here 24/7 guarding the station, equipment and the personnel. We will really appreciate that. We don’t have CCT in this station. Robbers had entered here and we didn’t know where they came in from.

shortage of manpower and lack of operation vehicles in the substation.

Continuing, he recalled: “On Sunday We are supposed to have five staff but we have only three. We are just managing and people find it difficult to go on leave. Imagining only two people running this substation, which operates everyday.

“They are three in the station and somebody must have some rest. We need more hands. We need training programmes for our staff. We don’t even have official vehicles to run the station.”

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