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The Confab opens next weekend

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road signs, economy, Nigeria, October 1: third force, Confab NEXT weekend, Nwando Alayande’s political satire, The Confab about the governance issues in Nigeria will take centre stage at Terra Kulture Arena, Victoria Island.

The play which is laced generously with comedy and witty dialogue features a 17-person cast including Patrick Diabuah, Diana Agbede, Daniel Okezue, Tobi Ilesanmi, Victor Joe, Oladipupo Shotonwa, Aminat Eromosele and Judith Nwakanma.

Showing on Saturday and Sunday, The Confab is a rib-cracker that highlights the scheming and shenanigans of delegates at a national meeting where the proverbial national cake would be shared.

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Speaking on what inspired the play, Alayande, a three-time winner of the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence (DAME) Best Radio Drama of the Year in 2009 (The Failed Promise); 2014 (Joys of Motherhood) and 2016 (Flying Without Wings), said it was for social change; to sensitise Nigerians to national issues and how it affects them.

She said, “The general attitude of Nigerians towards issues that affect our collective life is deeply worrisome. I was concerned about voter apathy, and the fact that people are not being held accountable. I am worried about our leave-everything-to- God syndrome and the general do-as-you-like-but-don’t-get-caught disposition, yet we complain about everything. I find it funny that we like to compare ourselves with developed nations or nations that are getting things right, but we don’t want to apply the same principles in action.

“For me, a drama is an imitation of life, and it has a way of conveying an important fact in a subtle but entertaining way. So, after the laughter or tears or both, a mental picture is created in the mind of the audience and at least one person leaves with a thought, questioning one’s action or inaction. Sometimes it sparks off a debate that could lead to a revolution. ‘The Confab’ mirrors society, and interestingly, there is no individual scapegoat.”

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