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The demystification of Adams Oshiomhole – Reno

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Has anyone seen Adams Oshiomhole’s pretty face in public? Rather strange that such a handsome man who is not shy of talking to journalists suddenly disappears from public view. I hope all is well?

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APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole

In all my life, I have never met a man suffering from the small man syndrome like Adam Oshiomhole. So eager is he to compensate for his brief stature, that he overreacts to any perceived opposition and ends up destroying the institutions he was meant to build.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan is my boss and close personal friend. Together, we traveled to Edo State in 2014 and the former President was very courteous (courtesy is second nature to Dr. Jonathan) to Oshiomhole.

Then President Jonathan did not have any airs around him during the visit to perform the groundbreaking ceremony at the Azura Thermal Power Station. But I remember that day very clearly.

One of the Peoples Democratic Party members of the House of Representatives uttered the words ‘I welcome President Jonathan to Edo state’.

Those simple words earned the ire of Oshiomhole, who then proceeded to use his own speech, not to sell Edo State, but to berate the honourable Representative.

That is the type of character Oshiomhole is. I know for a fact that former President Jonathan is gentle and will not hurt a fly. Thus, after his departure from office, I was so grieved at the fact that Oshiomhole seized every opportunity he could find, not to appreciate the man who ensured that his re-election was possible because he insisted on a free and fair election, but to pour insults and opprobrium on such a gentleman as Dr. Jonathan.

On January 14, 2016, Oshiomhole fired perhaps the unkindest cut of all, saying inter alia:

“Former President Goodluck Jonathan told our national chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun, to inform me that after the election, he will put me, Adams, the son of Oshiomhole, in a hole and I told Chief Oyegun to inform him to dig that hole very deep because although I am short, in the course of pushing me into the hole, nobody knows who will get there first. Since he is taller than me, he needs to dig the hole deep enough so that either of us can get in. In the end, he is inside the hole and I am busy putting dust into that hole.”

First and foremost, that statement is a lie. Former President Jonathan never said so and Odigie-Oyegun is still alive and can testify to that. But the real question is this, what would Dr. Jonathan gain from threatening Oshiomhole? There were no gubernatorial elections scheduled for Edo State and Dr. Jonathan was sure of winning bigly in Edo (which he did).

Knowing Adams Oshiomhole character and the syndromes driving his personality, I had earlier on this same column predicted that the man’s hyperactive belligerence will be his undoing. Instead of taking heed to my counsel, his chief press secretary wrote a silky diatribe attacking me.

Now, look at where Oshiomhole is today. He fought the Jonathan who was nothing but good to him and kissed the ass of the Buhari who was yet to do for him the good that Jonathan did. Today, President Buhari stands idly by while the Department of State Security Services demystifies Oshiomhole. In fact, if some reports are accurate, (and I think they are), President Buhari is the hidden hand behind Oshiomhole’s ordeal.

You see, Oshiomhole should read his bible more.

Proverbs 17:13 says “Evil will never leave the house of one who pays back evil for good.”

Why is this relevant?

On July 16, 2012, after his re-election, Adams Oshiomhole admitted that it was former President Jonathan who made his victory possible. On that day, Oshiomhole said:

“I want to appreciate Mr President with his resolve and public pronouncement that he would provide adequate security for the people and the INEC staff before, during and after the election. I am glad that Mr President kept to his words of assurance that there would be no thuggery, hooliganism and violence during the Edo Governorship Election. He is indeed a statesman, a man of honour because there was adequate and effective presence of security agents on ground. I am impressed because the army actually played a neutral role in the election.”

Yet, this is the same man who Oshiomhole habitually insulted and denigrated after he left office. Oshiomhole is so unspiritual that he does not know that you do not bite the finger that fed you simply because it is no longer in charge of sharing food.

I have absolutely no sympathy for Oshiomhole. He brought his current ordeal on his own head. He was made Chairman of the All Progressives Congress by the Governor’s of the APC and what did he do? He proceeded to do to his new benefactors, the same thing he did to Former President Jonathan. But unlike Dr. Jonathan, these APC Governors were as hard hearted as Oshiomhole and returned fire for fire and now Oshiomhole has ran away with his yellow pawpaw foreign investment trophy wife. I hope she will not abandon him!

Ironically, it is the same DSS that Oshiomhole used to lock down the National Assembly in his desperate bid to unseat Senate President Bukola Saraki is the same DSS that has now been used to disgrace, harass and chase the beautiful Adams away from Nigeria. Meanwhile Saraki is still Senate President!

Who would have known that the short Adams Oshiomhole could run as fast as U‪sain Bolt! DSS just helped Oshiomhole discover his talents as an athlete. Small interrogation and the man just bolted. He should have stayed. Hasn’t he heard that they use ₦3.5 million‪ to feed Buhari’s detainees!

Adams, you will do well to open your Bible to Galatians chapter 6 and verse 7, let me help you. That verse says:

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

I hope the man Adams will learn from his namesake in the Garden of Eden. Both Adams are from the forbidden fruit. Both Adams disobeyed God in order to play God over men. Both Adams ran away from the scenes of their crimes and both Adams fell from grace.

Alas Adams Oshiomhole the evil that you did lives with you.

Sam Ortom, the man who Oshiomhole insulted when he was going through the pains of grief over the multiple killings of his people by herdsmen, must be having the last laugh. He is not alone. He has good company in Dr. Bukola Saraki, Dino Melaye, Yakubu Dogara, and other defectors from the APC who he tongue lashed.

Oshiomhole’s case should be a lesson to those Southerners who allow themselves to be used as a pawn in the fight between two opposing Northern politicians. Such a Southern gentleman will get caught in the exchange of gunfire and at the cessation of battle, the Northern brothers will remain standing and may even reconcile!

Today, Oshiomhole is being lashed by all those who clapped for him as he was bullying these fellows. Oh Oshiomhole, what an epic saga of shame, disgrace and vainglory! A man known for running his mouth is now a man on the run. Adams, a man notorious for accusing others of corruption is now being accused by his masters of corruption. I am a number one bestselling writer, but even I could not imagine or write this. God is just the best writer!

By Reno Omokri:

Omokri is Bestselling author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years, and other books. Avid traveller. Tormentor of Muhammadu Buhari and the APC.

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