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The mistake a lot of executives make – Oando subsidiary’s Head, Supply Chain & Services Modupe Oyeneyin

The mistake a lot of executives make – Oando subsidiary’s Head, Supply Chain & Services Modupe Oyeneyin

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Modupe Omoyeni Oyeneyin aka Dupcy Oyeneyin, an upwardly mobile executive who is currently Head, Supply Chain & Services at Oando E&P Company, is a bundle of talents with interest in project management, business incubation and wait for this: performance arts, an area she is really passionate about and which she nurtures through her famous annual Foretaste Concert. In this interview with IBRAHIM APEKHADE YUSUF she speaks on her different role plays vis-à-vis her commitment to the ideals of enterprise, peaceful co-existence and dignity of labour. Excerpts:

You trained as a Microbiologist and subsequently obtained a master’s degree in Operations & Supply Chain Management, did your professional training prepare you for this or this is just a labour of love or what you’re passionate about?

Obviously, my career has nothing to do with music but my music impacts my career because I get inspiration and insight for life from my music. It is more than a labour of love, it’s my gratitude and appreciation for the breath God gave me and this is my way of saying ‘thank You’ to my creator.

 Do you plan on making a career out of music some day?

Music is already a career for me. If you meant do I plan to make money out of music my response would be why not. God gives us our talent and He doesn’t mind if we make profit from it. I know the gospel music industry has a value chain and there is active plan to prayerfully consider a portion of the value chain and make investments that will expand the Kingdom of heaven here on earth.

How did you come into music? I grew up in a family and generation that loved and still love to sing. My maternal grandpa was an organist in Methodist church back then and my maternal grandma was a member of her church choir even in her 70s. My parents loved music and I remember growing up, our daily family devotions (morning and evening) were not complete without singing hymns. I met my husband in the Lagos Varsity Christian Union choir. So all my life, I have been surrounded by people who are passionate about music.

You trained as a microbiologist but chose music as a pastime. How do you joggle these roles?

I am asked this same question all the time and my answer is always first and foremost the grace of God. I am also a music lover and passionate about making good and spiritual music. Those two things, grace of God and passion are my main boosters without any consideration for backing out. For me, singing helps me de-stress and unwind. To me it’s a blessing and I don’t know how I would have succeeded in other areas of life – work and family, without that avenue of expressing my love for my maker and making melodies to Him.

Between your role(s) as the Head, Supply Chain & Services for Oando E & P Company and music, which is more demanding, engaging and fulfilling?

My job in Oando is a very interesting one. I love the dynamics and the great people I work with. We call ourselves #HumansofOando. My job and music are two important aspects of my life; they are like my right and left legs (laughter). I can’t do without both. I can’t choose one over the other. Both make me who I am and when I retire from active service I will still consult as a Supply Chain professional and I will still go around the world singing and lifting up the Name of Jesus.

What is your advice to upwardly mobile executives like you who have passion for the arts?

The mistake a lot of talented executives make is to abandon their art because of their busy schedule, but my advice is do not. That is what completes you as an individual. That is what fuels every other area of  your life. That is what prevents you from burning out in life.

My life mantra is, ‘The human mind is capable of achieving whatever it sets out to accomplish. There are no limits, only those set in the mind.’So if you really want to pursue your career and you art, it is very possible.

If you had to choose a career again, would you be persuaded to settle for music and entertainment?

Why not? I would choose my music and my supply chain management careers again and again.

Who has been your greatest role model career-wise, music and life generally?

I worked with a lady many years ago. Successful in career, had a stable home, humble, giving and very warm. She looked to me she had it all together….and I thought to myself, you can be successful and still have a heart. This lady, I call her Mrs. T inspired me back then and though I haven’t been in touch for some time, I have kept those attributes in mind to be nice to people I meet along my career path and help them develop their potentials. Everyone has their path and there is no competition in life.

In music, I would say Cece Winans is top on my list of music models.She is a fine Christian woman, loves the Lord and serves Him with her voice and life. In life generally, Jesus is my role model. This may sound funny but indeed He is. We are all work in progress as human being but His ultimate sacrifice and finished works makes me know I can be all that God has designed for me to be and I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

What’s the Foretaste Concert all about?

The vision of Foretaste Concert is to gather people together in pure heavenly atmosphere of worship, where they are able to connect with God who then speaks to their hearts causing divine direction, alignment, guidance for life, salvation and establishment of divine order in their lives.

Foretaste Concert band is made up of musically talented men and women who love the Lord Jesus and are committed to honouring the Lord with their talents.

God Almighty is my sponsor on this project and from time to time, He has used men and women to support this vision not only financially but also in form of support, advice and guidance in achieving the vision. There are things money can and cannot buy and those are things that God has brought my way in fulfilling this vision.

Have you had any stage performance before?

By the grace of God I have had several stage performances and for Foretaste in particular, we had the maiden edition in 2014 and this year’s concert will be the fifth, hence the caption Foretaste Concert 5.0 Apart from the Foretaste Concert platform I have ministered in several places, churches and other events.

Beyond this concert, do you plan on doing command performance whenever invited?

As God opens doors for us, we will stand before men, women, kings, queens to proclaim His majesty.

Are you planning on taking this event outside Lagos and when?

Anywhere we are called upon, once the Holy Spirit gives a go ahead, we shall be there.

What’s your long term vision for Foretaste?

Foretaste vision as mentioned earlier is to connect and reconnect people to God, their creator. Foretaste Concert will hold in Lagos, outside Lagos, Nigeria at large and beyond.

Identify one of the major objective of this year’s edition and what’s the overarching theme of the concert?

This year, we are focusing on the youth and those young at heart, especially those who are hungry for God and want more of His presence.

People that want to know God’s will and pursue it. Those who want to worship God not just because of what He has done but because of who He is. Those who know He is worthy of their worship.

The theme for this year is, IN GOD’S PRESENCE. The bible says in Psalms 16 vs 11, ‘Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.’ We have asked and we receive a heavenly atmosphere and abundance of His Holy Spirit at Foretaste Concert 5.0.

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