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The only person that can take us to the next level is… —Owa

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How would you access politics in Nigeria today?

Unless we all accept God as the master of the universe, we will still be experiencing what we are passing through in Nigeria. We can cast our votes for any candidate of our choice but it is God that will choose whosoever he wants.  So, the only person that can take us to the next level is God. If we all decide to vote for Mr. A because of the interest we want from him, God, in his infinite mercy, can decide that it is Mr. B’s turn. We look from the outside (physical), while God looks from the inside (Spiritual). Let us just pray to God to give us a person of His heart.

In what ways do you think the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) needs to improve to guarantee free and fair elections?

In Proverbs 14:34, we read, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should be truthful and fear God. They should operate with conscience. They are also Nigerians; They should realise that if this country is good, it will be for the benefit of all. They should allow justice to prevail because of the generation yet unborn.  We are all suffering from the sins of our leaders and forefathers. He who does bad knows, and the reward shall be multiple. In the midst of troubles and devilish orchestrations, God will intervene and His will shall be done


What do you think has gone wrong with the country?

The prevailing crises is not applicable to Nigeria alone. What is happening all over the world today are signs of the End-time, and a clear indication that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near. The Scripture states in the book of Matthew 24 that: ‘In the End- time, nations will rise against nations; various diseases will come into existence….’ The secret is that there is nothing man can do about this than to ask God for His intervention.


Politics today in Nigeria has become do or die, as innocent people are being killed and many youths used negatively.  How do you see it?

It is disheartening to know that people are killing themselves in the name of politics; in the name of ‘I must get there at all cost,” God did not want us to be killing ourselves. If God had killed us all, how would the leaders have had the opportunities to get to their positions. God expects us to be truthful and fair omne another. The development across all sectors, especially in politics is greed. Our leaders keep killing themselves.  The relative peace Nigeria is experiencing today is owed to the ever-enduring mercy of God. God is not happy with Nigeria because of the level of immoral activities. “Pregnant women are used for rituals, blood of the innocents are shed for money-making rituals. If all these evil men don’t turn to God, His judgment will come upon them. Honestly, God has been patient with this nation and it is high time we turned to God. We are bringing war upon ourselves through our sinful activities. It is only prayer that can save us from His anger.


Advice for all Nigerians

Let us all pray to God for a man like God. Let’s all accept election result as how God want is it. Let us fear not, God is in control. There will be no war, bloodshed and destruction in Nigeria.

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