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The problem of Nigeria is not about party but… —El-Buba

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Political situation in Nigeria

Our politicians will need to get things right especially where people think it is do-or-die affair. Like I always say politics should be a game, where you present your manifesto or you have a better product in the market. If you market it properly, you will have an edge over your competitors. Also, our politicians need to be constructive and understand the situation around them. This is why we are championing total rebirth in the political landscape, Nigeria is beginning to realise that they cannot continue to allow certain people to manipulate their lives. We are also coming to a stage where Nigerians will begin to teach politicians lesson their performance is below expectation.


Generational power shift

Actually, generational power shift is key but the generation we are talking about has not been properly packaged; that is packaging for leadership. I give you example; few of the young people that are aspiring for the presidency of this country are not fully prepare for leadership. They are supposed to collapse their structure to form a powerful coalition but each one of them is sticking to his gun. They are not really prepared. We are developing a blueprint to coach the generation so that they would take over.  Now if you talk about the younger people, look at Kogi state where Yahaya Bello is the governor and other states where younger ones are governing, they are not performing to expectation. So the issue is not really about age, though age is important in terms of strength and memory. But at the same time, it is all about leadership training, training to govern. Governance is a different ball game. It is time to bridge the gap between age and the young ones for the sake of tomorrow. The country needs to build the mind of the young ones on accountability, commitment, patrioticism and other leadership traits.


Role of the church

The role of the Church is to become the light. If somebody is walking in dark, trying to find his bearing or direction when light comes, there would be instant change. The person will begin to find direction without struggling. That is the role of the church. When somebody is in confusion. If you come to a junction and you don’t know which path to take, the Bible says you will hear a voice which will say go this way and you will find rest for your soul. So, the church needs to give direction to the people. The church cannot just stand in between. If people are confused, you need to tell them what they need to know. That is the reason God established the church. So, the role of the church is to become the light of the world.  The world is in darkness struggling, going through pains. Like I stated at a meeting in Kaduna, people are suffering; they are being oppressed; so, Jesus came to set the people free from oppression. When God sent Moses to the children of Israel, it was to set them free and rescue them from the the oppression. So, the role of the Church is to help people to be free from bondage; it is also to produce credible leaders who will become the voice of the voiceless, the strength for the weak; the eye to the blind. When Church plays its role properly, a nation is totally transformed the people will not do things any how because the Church is like a watchdog; they are the ones that control the soul of the people and when they speak to the people, they understand more. To get it right, the church must monitor what the leaders do: if they are perform and if they are not performing, let change them and form another one. That is another role of the Church.


Money politics

There is corruption everywhere; there are clean pastors. These are the ones that need to come out and take a position because you can’t buy their conscience. For example you cannot buy Billy Ghramm. That is why the Church needs to come together. There are leaders that are very strict in term of position. There are compromising ones but you must appreciate that there are also clean ones.

Two major parties  

It is not the issue of party for now, it is the issue of capacity; do they have the capacity to take us to the Promised Land? Certainly no, for now, but you have to look at their difference in term of capacity and competency. The ability of a person to run a system is very important. I think these are the indices you look at when picking a leader and of course, the character of individuals. It is not that America, Singapore, Malaysia and others are totally free from corruption but if you find a leader who can grow your business, it is better; that is the kind of leader I want.


Structure of electioneering

Concentration of campaigns should be  on all the elections but the reason you have more attention on the Presidency is because a Nigerian president is very powerful, I think the most powerful in Africa, because of the power the constitution gives. If we get it right at this level, it would affect other arms of government. Let’s assume the president wants to effect some restructuring, naturally it would affect other sectors. If former President Goodluck Jonathan had signed the constitutional amendment prososed under his tenure, it would affect virtually everything and put things in shape. If the president wants to stop crime in any state, he has so much power to do so; that is why I said there is so much concentration; of powers at the centre. Everybody goes to Abuja to collect, eighty per cent of national affairs is controlled from the centre, and we need to begin to consider restructuring to reduce power at the centre.

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