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This Government Has Not Made Any Significant Progress – Shehu Sani

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Senator Shehu Sani speaks on proposed 2019 budget and the Nigerian government.

Senator Shehu Sani has said that the government is yet to make an impact with its performance so far. 

The lawmaker representing Kaduna central at the Red Chamber made this statement on Thursday as a guest on Channel’s Televisions Politics Today.

Sani noted while discussing the recently proposed budget that “the performance of the government has not made any significant progress between 2017 and now”.

He, however, noted that booing a “president is not the best way of challenging the facts”.

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Sani said that the lawmakers at the National Assembly on the day of the proposed budget presentation lost a great opportunity to put the president to task and challenge the figures that he doled out.

The lawmaker had in a tweet on Wednesday lambasted his colleagues for the uproar experienced during the joint session held for the presentation of the proposed 2019 budget.

He said the performance which President Muhammadu Buhari raised was questionable, but the parliamentarians failed to compose themselves in a bid to truly ascertain the viability of the figures presented.

Differing on Senator Sani’s take regarding the proposed budget presentation, Hon Adamu Abubakar said,” Mr. President was categorical during the presentation of the budget”.

Speaking while on the same programme, Adamu said the jeers and cheers at the National Assembly on Wednesday were all part of politics.

He said Buhari made it clear that “there was implementation” of the ‘2018 budget’.

Adding that some lawmakers including himself have taken the pains to verify claims made by the President, hence the reason they are confident in the 2019 ‘Budget of Continuity’.

The Member of the House of Representatives from Niger state said that he is certain that regardless of what transpired on the floor of the National Assembly, even within the “opposition class, quite a lot of people did understand the President’s position”.

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