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TRIBUTE: Mike Angere goes home today

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YOGA expert and columnist in Vanguard newspapers, Mr. Mike Angere, who died last Friday in Lagos after a brief illness, will be buried at Atan Cemetery in Lagos this morning. Born Michael Angere on September 28, 1948, Mike as he was fondly called by friends and colleague, joined Vanguard Media Limited as a columnist.

Late Mike Angere

For over two decades, he wrote the “Keep Fit” column in the weekend title of Vanguard where he taught his readers various Yoga exercises that promote fitness and health. The Ghanaian-born Yoga expert soon endeared himself to ardent Yoga fans who followed his keep fit tips like a religion.

Although he became famous for this passion, what many did not know about Mike was that he was a great singer and guitarist. When in a happy mood, he often pulled out his guitar which became a permanent feature in the Allure office.

Before his death, he had taken his love for music a notch higher, heading to the studio where he recorded 13-track album with the stage name Mackenzie.

Greatly, influenced by music greats like Rod Steward, The Beatles, Mikie Jagger and Elvis Presley, his songs were also influenced by their works. He never got around to formerly dropping this album before he passed on last Friday. He will be greatly missed by friends and family especially, the Vanguard family with whom he had greatly endeared himself. May his soul rest in peace. A few tributes from some journalists he interacted with are published on this page.

A man of many parts

Debbie Akindele-Ojo: My friend, Yogi, Gist partner and overall encourager. A few months of Yoga was my gift from Uncle Sam 15 years ago. I had thought it was no big deal, all they do is stretch! My God was I wrong, Yoga stretched muscles I didn’t know I had, hurt like hell in those first few months!

Some moves took years to master and I am so glad I didn’t quit. My Catholic Yogi. I used to get irritated by people who confused Yoga with Buddhism. Do- gooders who were more ignorantly judgemental than Godly!

Over the years we became so close we gisted more than we exercised. My big brother, fellow writer in the Vanguard stable. Always harassing the account’s department for Debbie’s cheque. “It’s your due, You must get it” and he always got it for me. So it’s with a heavy heart that I bid you farewell my friend!

Mike with the tender heart, fiery temper and quick tears. A man so in touch with his soul, he didn’t balk at tenderness.

He loved the Rolling Stones, played the Guitar, a very jolly good Soul was he! You loved life and it loved you right back. Fare thee well my friend, say me well to all the Greats. Rest in peace Mike Angere, Vaya con Dios!

Principled yet firm

Alero Atsimene: My dear Mike. Unconventional in all your ways. Tradition didn’t go down well with you. That’s probably why we hit it off. You were principled and firm yet kind. You dictated your own terms and were respected for it. I admired the way you effortlessly engaged all generations like you were born in that time.

You had such valid dreams. I reckon now we can’t get that hit song from you again but, you were a hit back to back. Thank you for accepting me like I did you without inhibitions.  I miss crazy, kind you; my dear friend.

Lover of good conversation

Jemi Ekunkunbor: Good night my free-spirited friend

You were the friend that stuck closer than a brother, reliable and loyal. A jolly good fellow you were, no dull moment with you. You loved a good conversation, music, and on a good day, you pulled out your guitar which has become a permanent feature in the Allure office, and dished out tunes of Rod Stewart which we both liked.

You were generous and kind. Every year, you reminded me of my birthday days before the day. You made light weighty matters, helping one smile when it’s difficult to do so. You did so many little things that touched one deeply. Perhaps, the only thing you didn’t succeed in doing was making me a yoga convert. Your work here is done now Mike. Rest in peace.

Mike Angere-Omo Ghana

Remi Diagbere: When Mike turned 70 in September 2018, I told him ‘Mike, you are going to be here for a long, long time’, little did I or any of us on the Allure Desk know he was going to depart a few short months after. Mike was my friend. I met him in the early ’90s, through a mutual friend, the late actor Enebeli  Elebuwa, aka Andrew. I  brought him to the Vanguard, shortly after, about 20 years ago, when we needed a keep fit writer. He never stopped appreciating me for that.

Mike was a friend with benefits. He had a positive impact on me, and I dare say on everyone in Allure. He was quick to sympathise, and even quicker to give a telling whenever you did wrong. He was fearless, trusting and kind — a good man, and a professional to the core. I will certainly miss him. Rest in peace, my friend.

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