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Tricycle owners appeal to govt, NURTW, RTEAN to obey court order

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By Victor Arjiromanus
TRICYCLE Owners  Association of Nigeria, TOAN, has appealed to the Lagos State Government, the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, and its affiliate, Road Transport Employment Association of Nigeria, RTEAN, to obey court order that recognised it as the main body responsible for collecting dues and regulating tricycle operators.

The association made the appeal in a statement read by its General Secretary, Comrade Pius Gbangbedu, at its Annual General Meeting in Lagos, weekend.

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The union expressed its grievance over the continuous delay by the Lagos State government, RTEAN and NURTW, to grant it recognition letter to operate as the legal body that handles the affairs of tricycle operators.

According to the union, Lagos State government is using its veto power to disrupt its registration.  They should honor the judgment of the court which says that our association is the recognized body to handle the affairs of tricycle operators.

“TOAN has won the case for about four months now, nothing was done, and they only tell us to be patient.  We have been patient enough. At least, it is our job.  We are the trade union registered to control organized tricycles in Nigeria.  It is not a karma association. The karma associations have no right, they don’t have that right under the law, and it was the law that empowered us to organize all activities of tricycles in Nigeria. So, we want the Lagos State government to hear our cry, give us recognition letter, so that it will take us to our job. It is those people that do not have the right that are doing the job.”

A member of TOAN,  Fabian Idoko said: ‘The NURTW and its affiliates have made it impossible for TOAN to work in Lagos State since our registration by the  Ministry of Trade Union because of their selfish interest. They want to remain there, and what we are saying is that those who are working now are not recognized by law to work.

“This is because those that are working under NURTW are karma bodies and the law says a Karma registered body has no right to make profit. TOAN is the only body recognized by the law to do this by its registration with the registry of trade unions.”

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