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Trump’s verdict on Buhari: Nigeria is on auto pilot ― CUPP

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President Buhari

THE Coalition Concerned United Political Patties, CUPP, on Monday declared that the verdict of the President of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump published in Financial Times which described president Muhammadu Buhari as a lifeless leader who does not understand the issues of governance was another affirmation of the widely held beliefs that Nigeria was running on autopilot and in danger of being thrown off the cliff by the crass incompetence of the president.


In a Statement made available to news in Abuja yesterday by the 1st National Spokesman of CUPP, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere the Coalition called the verdict of Mr. Trump the last awakening call for Nigerians to go and collect their PVC’s to enable them perform the patriotic duty of “electing a President in 2019 who understands what the issues are.”

According to the statement “If President Trump took only one meeting to identify the huge problem we have been harping upon, then the world needs to pity Nigerians who have been bearing with a “lifeless” President for over three years.

“Nigeria today is worse on economic indices than we were in 2015 and the national cohesion and peace accentuated by the seamless concession of victory by former President Goodluck Jonathan has been lost on the altar of nepotism, cronyism and ethnic supremacy being exhibited by President Buhari.

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” The fabrics of our nationhood has been eroded by the myopic and divisive views of the President. Nigerians are once again reminded that Mr. Trump is a septuagenarian and was by no means referring to President Buhari’s age.

“He must have correctly referred to Mr. Buhari’s intellectual incapacity and his legendary incompetence in national and international issues

“This revelation from Mr. Trump coming just a couple of days after President Buhari’s faux pas of subjecting the rule of law to the rule of man emphasises exactly the viewpoints of President Buhari. Indeed Nigeria has returned to the dark ages where life is short and brutish.”

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