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Try Omelette with Yoghurt cocktail this weekend

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OMELETTE OMELETTE is a variety of fried vegetables such as carrot, sweet corn, green beans and so on with fried plantain. Fry the plantain till it is golden yellow, then mix it with raw egg, then fry in groundnut oil.



Green beans, sweet corn, green pepper, Irish potatoes, ginger, Tomatoes, pepper, seasoning cube, salt, liver, groundnut oil, egg and plantain.

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Preparation for Omelette

Slice all the vegetables and fry them in groundnut oil. Also, fry the plantain till it turns golden yellow. Break raw eggs into a bowl, and thoroughly mix it with seasoning. Mix your golden yellow plantain with the fried vegetables. Pour the mixed raw egg into the mixture and fry. Stir the content while on fire for it not to get burnt.

It is better served while it is hot, with a chilled yoghurt cocktail.


How to make Yoghurt cocktail

Yoghurt cocktail is a drink blended with yoghurt and fruits, with a bit of alcohol to preserve it.



Cucumber, apple, water melon, sugar, hollandia yoghurt, ice block.


Cut the fruits into bits and the cucumber into circular forms. Pour iced water into a clean bucket with a cover, then pour 500g of strawberry hollandia yoghurt and some iced water. Add sliced water melon, apple, sugar, and allow the mixture to chill for 45 minutes. Add the cut cucumber on top of the yoghurt cocktail in the cup to make it spicy and special.

You can now serve the chilled yoghurt cocktail with the omelette.

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