Up your chic game with wow brows

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2017 has been a year of creative firsts for the fashion world. Interestingly, the eyebrows have had their fair share of innovation, especially going off the usual straight or slightly curved outline.

It’s still three months plus for the year to come to an end, and the brows are still holding the ace for inventions when it comes to makeup designing.

Feathers, Squiggles, Waves, Dragons, Glitter, and the most recent, braids, and more, have taken the female eyebrows by storm this year. Makeover provides a few pointers to achieving the look:


What you need

Much of the creativity that comes with the eyebrows is achieved with adhesive, concealer, glitter, a bit of tweezing, and the expertise of a makeup artiste. Because of their nature, the adhesive should be tried out on the skin before application to the brows to guide against infection and irritation. It is important to note that the brows come with very sensitive hairs and may be a little difficult to manoeuvre. As such, extra care is needed when manipulating with the brows outside of the usual arch.


Take care with artificial products

Applying adhesive, concealer, glitter, dye, glue, or even artificial hairs to the original eyebrows may come with some negative consequences if care is not taken. And because of the delicate position on the face, extra care is needed when applying artificial products, else the scars will be harder to conceal if the creative attempt goes south. Try out the products on other parts of the skin before applying to the brows. For best results, consult the services of an expert.

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Beware! Not all pictures are real

For some of the designs, the brows testify to the services of photoshop, so take care before you invent yourself into misguided frustration. Braided brows, for instance, are quite difficult to achieve using conventional procedure, and takes painstaking efforts to achieve anything closely resembling the style. The glittered, wavy, feathered, or squiggly may be a little easier to achieve using the right makeup product, adhesive and concealer, but still takes much effort and patience. Even the dyed eyebrows take some effort. Feathers require some bit of tweezing, and glue to ensure you have just the right amount of hairs to achieve.


Before you D-I-Y

With the plethora of D-I-Y tutorial videos available on Youtube and like sites, it is important to take care before deciding to try out some of these styles out. Some of the looks require using alternative products, because some of the original products are not easily accessible for the average beauty enthusiast in the Nigerian makeup market. For glitter brows, for instance, you can use glitter from eye shadow, and a soft adhesive. Choosing the adhesive may be a little tricky, especially as it will be applied to a sensitive part of the skin. Hence, it is better to seek expert advice before trying out.


Sometimes, simple is beautiful

Instead of stressing out trying to achieve the more complicated versions of the eyebrows, realise that waves, feathers or dragons may not be for you, especially as many of the designs are yet to get into formal and semi-formal environments anyway. As such, you can only get away with them on social media or occasions which require such. Each set of brows has a calling, and every day is not for designs anyway. The important thing is to find what works for you and be happy while sporting the design.

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P.S. Keeping moderation in mind, get creative using your brows, and make a personal statement of style. After all, like actress, Saoirse Ronan states, “If you don’t have eyebrows, you don’t really have a face.”

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