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Vconnect introduces new service link

Vconnect introduces new service link

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Nike Popoola

Vconnect has introduced another product to its online service – ‘Market by Vconnect’ – to promote effective marketing by its registered clients and empower Small and Medium-scale Enterprises.

Market by Vconnect is an online mall of customers where qualified service professionals can find and connect with real customers at any given time.

“With the use of the Internet, businesses can now leverage the power of having online presence by increasing sales, saving money on advert and getting more customers than they would have with just an offline store,” the company said in a statement.

During a business summit by the firm to introduce the service in Lagos, the Founder, Deepankar Rustagi, said, “Service professionals find it very hard to acquire new customers because there is a deficit of trust in our market. If you were a plumber, I would hire you but if I didn’t know you, there’s no way I would let you enter the house.

 “So, we are trying to help you by bridging this gap so as to get trusted and qualified professionals that you can hire seamlessly with the help of the Internet on our platform.”

 The Product Manager, Samuel Obayagbona, said that the firm decided to appreciate its customers for their consistent patronage, and to inform them that Vconnect had evolved from just being a business directory with the service marketplace.

 He said, “This means we are now trying to ensure that we get verified customers to them that are actually in need of the services. They need to take advantage of this new service we are giving them.”

 Through the new service, he explained that those who needed the services of the registered professionals on the platform could easily get customers, adding that the customers would also be able to chat and call them.

 He said that Vconnect would ask for the requirements of the prospective customers, the locality and connect them to the registered clients that meet their needs.

 He said, “All the customer needs to do is to go to Vconnect’s website and we shall simply ask basic questions on, what you are looking for. We need to ensure that businesses we are recommending are trustworthy.”

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