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Violence in Rivers elections introduced by my generation – Wali

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By Egufe Yafugborhi

PORT HAR-COURT —Leader of Rivers Unity House, RUH, Mr Kingsley Wali, yesterday, blamed his generation for introducing the culture of violence and destruction in elections in Rivers State.

Wali flayed the development in Port Harcourt, where RUH, an advocacy group under Rivers All Progressives Congress, APC, decried the negative influence of violence in the development of the state.

“My generation destroyed our politics and I think my generation owes this current generation a duty to say we are sorry we created this wrong and we need to move on. Moving forward, you need to do it differently.

“Let’s face it, what has violence done for the people politically? People have gotten into power. You use people and discard them. Even those who used and discard people, what has it done to them? Nothing. They have not really made any progress.

“What you see are people having temporary comfort and at the end of the day because of the way they got the wealth, it is not sustainable.

“Why not try sustainable growth where people are seen as part of a system and they put all hands together to ensure it works because if it works, it will work for everybody. We are looking for a situation where we create a system that works.

“What we speak for and against is the ailment in the society. It affects the political class, affects my own party, APC. So, it is not a case of demoralizing the other side of the coin. It is something that is destroying every facet of the economy.

“You will find out that whatever transpired in  last Saturday’s by-election will equally play out in the parties. I wouldn’t bother myself with details of who did what, but at times like this, the whole system is flared up and the confusion out there will blind most of us to the truth.”

Former Deputy Speaker, Rivers State House of Assembly, Leyii Kwanee, on the occasion said that his generation was ready to make amends, having failed the people.

Kwanee said, “The very day you realise you have erred, you apologise and take it up from there, that is your good morning. Our generation, those within our age bracket, we have failed the people. There is no shame about it.”

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