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Vskit to boost talent development in Nigeria

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Vskit, Africa’s largest creative short video community, is targeting millions of Nigerian youths for talent development.

Speaking at a conference for over 100 content creators in Lagos, the business development manager, Jared Guo, said that “the mobile app allows anyone to create, share and watch short videos, as well as meet more friends around the world,” helping them achieve their goals.

The conference had youths from different tertiary institutions in the country.

According to the organisation, many young people have talents that do not see the light of day, but which can be developed to make them self-reliant.

Guo noted that within seven months in Nigeria, over five million young content developers and talents were developed.

“Vskit is trying to build a community that can help grow millions of talents and it is fast growing. We believe that in the future, there will be more people coming into the community and getting their ideas, talents and beautiful moments out to the world,” he said.

The talent development manager and specialist, Michael Uzoigwe, explained that “the platform seeks to engage thousands of youths” to make good use of their talents.

He added that through the platform, people would have the opportunity to boost their careers, adding that the aim of the conference was to “help them network, get new ideas, be creative and become stars in the nearest future.”

While noting the incentives for content creators on the platform, Jared assured Nigerians of plans to create more opportunities for 20 million users this year and invest about $5 million in getting more quality contents in two years’ time.

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