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Walk down the aisle with many possibilities

Walk down the aisle with many possibilities

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Elizabeth Badejo
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One of the most significant traditional roles of a father is to give out his daughter in marriage and this is a duty many fathers look forward to accomplishing too.

The giving of the bride by the father to her husband symbolises the transfer of his responsibilities over his daughter to another man. A father also stands in the place of authority to formally grant the request of the husband’s family to take his daughter’s hands in marriage in form of the traditional marriage rites, the holy matrimony, Nikah and other forms of religious ceremonies.

On the other hand when you are caught between making a big decision either to invite your estranged father to your wedding or not, it can turn out to be the most distressing experience.

The question is, who will give you out in marriage?

Tradition embraces love

Marriage traditions emphasise on the importance of values which are elements that hold families together as well as shield them from external forces too. When you consider the significance of tradition in marriage, it embraces love, integrity and responsibilities; it is therefore the duty of a father to instil these values in his daughter during the formative years.

Let him play his role

You must also bear in mind that some estranged fathers are also very eager to find their daughters after many years of separation. Perhaps your father has made several efforts to reach out to you in the past and you have not been responding. Now is a chance to reach out to him but bear in mind that both of you will have changed and you must be prepared to start afresh and do not expect that reconciliation will take place suddenly too.

On the other hand, if your father has not been in contact with you since the breakup and you feel the need to find him, look for him and let him know that you need him and give him a chance to play his role.

Rejection is possible

It is not uncommon to experience some forms of rejection in your desire to reconcile with your father as communicating with an estranged parent can be very delicate after many years of separation due to years of anger, bitterness, frustration and discontent.

Be kind to yourself

Perhaps you never anticipated that one day, you would have to make such a big decision but in your own best interest, it is important to follow your heart and do what is best for you especially at this time.

Whether you plan to intensify your efforts trying to find your estranged father to give you out in marriage, it’s your choice to make. You must learn to accept your situation and find the understanding you need to produce the outcome you desire in the end.


  • A father who has built a great relationship with his daughter through many years of sacrifices will certainly look forward to the privilege of giving out his daughter in marriage and blessing her union too.
  • A father who has failed in his duty to fulfil his obligations for many years may also fail to recognise the consequences of his actions.

Why make someone a priority when he never made you an option!!

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