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We are committed to resolving farmer/herders crisis, says Shekarau

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Ibrahim Shekarau
Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau

THE former governor of Kano state Mallamam Ibrahim Shekarau has said on Tuesday that no stone will be left unturned in ensuring that the crises between farmers and herdsmen is resolved.


Speaking to newsmen after Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation’s two-day roundtable discussion on farmer and herdsmen clash, the former governor who is the secretary of the foundation’s Board of Trustees said they are committed than ever before in resolving the crises bedeviling the nation.

He, however, identified suspicion of injustice on the part of parties involved in the clash, as one major catalyst responsible for fueling the crisis between farmers and herdsmen.

According to him, “the solution to the clash between farmers and herdsmen is not a one man, or a one year or ten years action, we always believe the neglect has been from decades, and it will take you probably much longer time to have it resolved.”

He went on : “There is also a very long neglect by various government in the past decades , as far as issue of herdsmen and farmers conflict is concerned. With all this identified, the stakeholders were allowed to speak out openly.

“We also identify that some of the laws and some of the laws and legislatures , while we appreciate that it was all out of concern to address this issues by various government , we also understand that the stakeholders for whom the laws are made have not been very well sensitized.

“The foundation assembled all of this presentation , all of this facts and figures and we agreed truly that there are problems, because that is the first take off point; for everyone to agree there are problems.

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“We want to assure all that the foundation is committed more than ever before to pursue this matter to logical conclusion.

“We will not leave any stone unturned in assuring that peace return back to country. And ensuring that there is peaceful coexistence between the herdsmen and farmers.

He said: “We are fully aware that we are not the only organisation on this issue. We will reach out to all other forums and organizations that are already on this issue and join hands with them. We don’t know it all.

“The next thing we want to do as our conclusion is that we have assured everyone that in the next couple of days , the foundation board of trustees and the advisory council will jointly hold a meeting and put on the table, all of the issues that have been identified, all of the problems that have been identified, all the suspicions and then we will come out with our firm recommendations and approach all concerned been it local government, state government and federal, security agencies, civil society groups, organization of the herdsmen and farmers, so that we will have all heads joined together, in particular, the northern governors forum, who where party to the formation of Sardauna memorial Foundation.”

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