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We have failed Nigerian women―Secondus

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SecondusNational Chairman of the former ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus has apologised to women in the country for what he said was male political leaders inability to live up to expectation.

He said at a ceremony marking this year’s International Women’s Day at the party national secretariat in Abuja on Thursday that men have failed women in the country and therefore admonished women to challenge men for the highest political office in the country.

The party declared: “Women, on behalf of the men, I want to apologise to all of you, to women in Nigeria, women in Africa because African men have disappointed both the women and the children.

“We need to apologise to them before God Almighty so that God will help us. God loves the women.

“Any nation that ignores the women, that nation is doomed because we all came out from women.”

Secondus predicted that very soon, a woman will emerge as president of Nigeria, saying that the PDP’s constitution already encourages the participation of women in elective positions by making available nomination forms for all posts free of charge for them.

“I can see a country with women participating at the highest level. I can see the picture where one day, whether we like it or not since we have failed as men, one day a woman president will emerge in this country,” he said.

Secondus recalled the role of past prominent women leaders in the country and lauded them for setting the pace for other generations.

According to him, “over the years in Nigeria, there has been the struggle for women emancipation. It started with Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, Magaret Ekpo and many women who have sacrificed for our nation. For all of us here as leaders, it is now time for you to pursue nation-building.

“For us in the PDP, the Beijing Affirmative Action is in the principles, and laws and constitution of our party. And you are aware that in the last 16 years, women played important role in our government.

“I want to challenge you based on the provisions of our constitution, on this day of International Women, that you have kept quiet for too long and that’s why men are misbehaving. You must speak out, leaders of women must speak out.

“You must speak against what is going on in our country today. When women speak, God will hear, not only prayers. The voice of the people is the voice of God. It is time for you to speak out.

“So, we challenge you to aspire to all offices. On this day you must come with a collective resolve to fight injustice and inequality in our nation, in Africa. On this day, you must resolve to speak out, you must resolve to speak against evil on our land. You must speak against the APC government that is harassing our leaders.

“Of course, you know that they are more corrupt than any group in Nigeria.”

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The opposition party boss praised Senator Dino Melaye, an APC member representing Kogi state, for his boldness in telling the truth about the ruling party’s penchant for borrowing and delivering little.

He said: “At the Senate yesterday (Wednesday), one of the APC leaders, Dino Melaye, spoke out because you must speak the truth. In 16 years, PDP borrowed six trillion but in three years APC government has borrowed 16 trillion.

“So, who is more corrupt? Did they see the money? Where is the infrastructure? Where is water? Where is light? Where is food? Where is security? So, this government is even more corrupt than any government in Nigeria.

“We have ministers that are corrupt in this government and top government officials that are corrupt. The cabals are corrupt, they are swimming in corruption in this government and yet they are harassing innocent people, to show and portray that your government is clean.

“A senator spoke out yesterday. Is it not clear? The man was tired of corruption within APC. Nigerians should congratulate Dino Melaye for speaking out. They cannot kill him. They cannot kill us. If they attempt to kill us, God will kill them.

“So Dino, we congratulate you for speaking out, for speaking the truth.”

He also challenged women to speak up against the “evil thriving on our land” even as he advised them to be sure to play a critical role in next year’s election.

In her address at the occasion, PDP Woman Leader, Maryam Waziri, stressed the significance of the occasion, noting that women were not fighting for gender equality but for gender equity.

She bemoaned the fate of the schoolgirls recently abducted in Dapchi, Yobe state, by suspected Boko Haram terrorists and called for their speedy rescue and return to their families.

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