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We Oppose Oppression Of All Nigerians, Not Just Christians” – CAN

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During a funeral programme organised in honour of the Christian Association of Nigeria’s (CAN), General Secretary, Musa Asake, who died on May 11, the CAN President, Samson Ayokunle, has said its fight against oppression is not only limited to Christians but to all Nigerians. He said the association will continue to lend it’s voice against oppression of any kind against all Nigerians.

“We are against any form of oppression, not only against Christians, but all Nigerians. Yes, you may say Christians first because that’s our constancy. But a lot of things are going wrong in this country. The current wave of violence is unprecedented. We will continue to speak against that. We will speak out against all causes of religious agitation and oppression against Nigerians,” Mr Ayokunle said.

Also speaking at the event, a pastor from Mr Asake’s home town in Kaduna State, Mathew Owojaiye, blamed the current state of the nation on poor Christian leadership.

“Nigeria is bedevilled with a myriad of problems. The church that is supposed to represent heaven and put things in order needs to be put in order We are facing a hostile environment (by) a hostile government. Christian areas in the middle belt and the North East are being battered. Villages and farms are ransacked and burnt down. Children and women are brutally murdered daily.

“Either the government does not have the political will to stop it or the murderers are the agents of government.

“Similarly, it is either that our Christian politicians who should protect our interest have been compromised or they are too afraid to speak.”

Mr Owojaiye accused Church leaders of originating the ugly situation of the country through adulterated preachings.

“The laws of God are broken daily with impunity. There is no more fire on the pulpits. We preach to make the people happy. We have turned the church into a circus show, business centres where we make money.”

He called on church leaders to immediately heed the call to face their religious obligations to avoid incurring the wrath of God.

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