We partner Dizengoff Nigeria to train tractor owners, operators on use of new farm machines —CASE H Product specialist

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Christian Ramnek is the Product Marketing Specialist Tractors, Middle East and Africa for CASE-H. In this interview with ‘WALE OLAPADE, he speaks on the train the trainer session with Dizengoff Nigeria technical team, tractor owners and operators from South-West on the use of new famr machines, among sundry issues.


WHAT is your experience in Nigeria like?

Well, I have lived in Nigeria for six years that was in the 1980s then I was working in a certain company in Bauchi State and when I left, I have never come back until now that CASE H entered into business deal with Dizengoff.


So the marriage between Dizengoff and CASE brought you back to Nigeria?

Yes it brought us back, because CASE H entered into partnership with Dizengoff and I was asked to come down for this special train designed for tractor owners and operators. With what we have done so far within the short period we have come together with Dizengoff, I think we are absolutely developing in the right direction, we have had a very fruitful cooperation and we are making use of their strong network and good service capabilities, this important to us.


What is the aim(s) of this training?

There are two aims when it comes to the issue of this training. One of which is to talk to the owners, give them confidence in the products, show them our capabilities; tell them what is CASE H and what we stand for. And the second thing is to train the operators on the correct use of the machines so that the own will benefit the most from this investment.


How will you rate the respond to the training?

Very good and interesting people because the attendees asked lot of high quality questions and its actually make sense to do things like this. Probably we should do it on a more regular basis to reach all other destinations.


Apart from the training what is their response to your products and are they specifically design for Nigeria ?

Yes where we have chosen to start using Nigeria products that have been in the market for many years, they have proven their reliability, other countries with tough conditions of soil. It is a very popular machine use generally for agriculture purposes, not only in Africa but also in Asia among other place, and we have absolute confidence that this is the right product to bring an organisation a one step further in achieving the right result.


 What are the capacity the machines you introduced into the Nigeria market, are they for specific or multipurpose use?

Our machines are utility range products that can be used generally for any agricultural purposes, starting from field preparations, planting and harvest, transport application and very good in pulling tractors. We have the possibility of equipping it with front loaders, at least some of the models do several things depending on the task, we can adjust it to fit in. So it is a multipurpose machine.


So what is your arrangement for after sale services?

On that, Dizengoff, our partner are specialised in engineering giving existence in terms of spare parts supply, warranty issues are end up with them, also services and repairs issues.


How available are spare parts for CASE products in Nigeria?

Well, we are just starting our relationship, in the beginning we always encountered some minor and bigger issues but on the long run CASE H is a worldwide operating manufacturer, we have representative in almost every country on this planet and we make sure we have the organisation and the expertise to guaranty proper spare part supply and Dizengoff is a very dedicated partner and they have received the first container of spare parts. So we can assure our customers that parts are available.


Where do we see the partner between Dizengoff and CASE-H in the next five years?

Well, we will want to strengthen our mutual relationship, we have also expanded the whole idea to take Dizengoff to Ghana and we want to grow market share in Nigeria.

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