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We shall engage creative industry to create jobs in Ekiti —Fayemi

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FayemiThe governor of Ekiti State, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi has revealed the plans of his administration to interrogate the creative industry in a multi-purpose dimension for the creation of jobs and empowerment of Ekiti citizens.

Dr. Fayemi, in a brief chat with TTH after the end of the Ekiti Arts and Culture festival held in Ado Ekiti recently, revealed that  the creative sector which is still in its state of infancy in the state would be vigorously   explored, harnessed  and enhanced  to create jobs and employment in the state.

He pointed out that the cultural-tourism policy of the government would be anchored on a three-prong strategy of wealth generation, employment creation, and sustainable empowerment of the citizens.

Dr. Fayemi disclosed that the cultural tourism programmes would be a clear departure from the old order of mere entertainment,  dancing and showcasing of cultural heritage and values just for the fun of it as they will also engender empowerment, economic regeneration and social development.

The governor described the entire geographical configuration of Ekiti State including the human element, flora and fauna composition as a paragon of cultural tourism which will be showcased, enhanced and annexed for the economic well being of the state and its citizens.

Dr. Fayemi disclosed that Ekiti State has over 300 different festivals which are unique both in concept and process of celebration and assured that all would be packaged and branded in a sustainable fashion that will stoke empowerment and economic benefits of the people.

He revealed that a comprehensive documentation and inventory of the Ekiti state cultural tourism asset has been put in place which would engender appropriate and workable framework for the implementation of the cultural tourism policy.

Dr. Fayemi disclosed also that the tourism policies and programmes would be pro-people, pro-poor   pro-society and pro-development and urge every indigene of the state to guide their loins and ready to tap the inherent economic benefits of cultural tourism asset of the state.

He pointed out that the tourism and cultural policy would ensure the participation of traditional rulers, local government officials and the common people in the tourism enhancement programmes of the state.



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