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Wells Carlton: A toast to Captain Hosa’s excellent spirit

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By Sufuyan Ojeifo

There is palpable and tangible restlessness that defines the contour and general texture of the excellent spirit that exemplifies the persona of the business mogul, Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo, JP, fondly referred to, in his circle of friends, as Captain Hosa.

That restlessness, coupled with a sanguine commitment to the intrinsic disposition of aiming for the outstanding or the best, continues to feed the magnitude of his entrepreneurial exertion such that he brings to bear on his various businesses the Midas or the golden touch.

Captain Hosa.

At a historical intersection in his business odyssey, he had paused awhile to survey the entire terrain on which humans operate and had concluded that he had made some critical conquests in the air, in the sea and on the land. That obligatory self appraisal was not a Nunc Dimittis of sorts, but an impetus for more exploratory ventures.

To put it simply in a way that will convey essential meaning, Captain Hosa had made a success of his first calling as a commercial flight pilot before venturing into the business of providing security solutions in the sea through his Ocean Marine Solutions Limited. On both scores, he enjoys solid validations: ownership of some aircraft and over fifty vessels for security of crude oil movement.

Only recently, as a mark of his obedience to divine injunctions, he observed the biblical offering of first fruits from his multi-billion naira Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farms Limited in Benin. That adds to the cornucopia of his massive investments on land.    He continues to drive the process of consolidating them, a clear indication, according to him, that no one could possibly conquer the land since it will take in all humans eventually.

Still utilizing the earth surface, Captain Hosa has yet another multi-billion naira project: a five-star luxury hospitality idol, to wit: the Wells Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments that sits elegantly and imposingly on an exquisite landscape in an idyllic part of the highbrow Asokoro District of Abuja. That makes it largely exclusive.

Inimitably in a class of its own, the sprawling facility is a measure of Captain Hosa’s excellent spirit and his tenacity of purpose. Well Carlton’s motto – “grand experience of luxury” – is not a mere sloganeering. It explicates, in pragmatic terms, the grandeur of the Hotel and Luxury Apartments.

The 55 sophisticated rooms as well as deluxe suites; the beautiful conference centres and meeting rooms (for private meetings and corporate events); the avant-garde bars and four world-class restaurants that serve both continental and local cuisines; the world-class gym and the enchanting state-of-the-art chlorine-free swimming pools; et al, all combine to paint in much bolder relief a composite picture of pristine harmony and beauty.

Besides, the spa, named Tirta Ayu, according to official attestation by the management, “is an exotic haven where guests are treated to authentic Japanese and Indonesian spa experiences, with a blend of ancient therapeutic remedies and modern-day spa rituals for healthy living and total well-being.”

As a part of the exquisite package of premium services, the Wells Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments offers guests the convenience of an international gift shop, according to its published short profile. Over all, the emblematic beauty is a product of nine years of painstaking investment of time, energy and resources, bolstered, of course, by the can-do spirit of Captain Hosa who is the chairman of the Hotel and Luxury Apartments.

According to him, “This is a brand to which I have attached my name. It has taken me nine years to achieve. Not nine years because it couldn’t have been ready sooner; but nine years because, for me, only the word ‘perfect’ will do! This brand stands for my character of tenacity, perfection, integrity and excellence!”

These have been manifestly expressed in the structure and the fixtures as well as in the atmospherics and the nuances that combine to produce an architectural masterpiece, worthy only of Ozymandias. The crown capping of the effort that culminated in the top-notch architectural magnum opus is its scheduled inauguration on Saturday, December 15, 2018 by the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. The occasion, as promised, would be first-class and would bring together select elite to witness the unveiling of the breathtaking achievement of a luxury facility that would cater to guests on short and long-term bases.

A bird’s eye view of the beautiful, sprawling surroundings of the Wells Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments would indicate, according to the management, an beautiful environment “with iconic works of art, building fixtures of unparalleled craftsmanship, architectural finishing of aesthetic perfection and a modern style that is second to none.”

Consider, in the words of the management, this catchy differentiation: “Wells Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments is surreal. It provides a fantasy-like journey into a glamorous world of pure luxury and gratifying indulgence. It’s a flamboyant display of unending pleasure. The sprawling facility features an endless wave of sophistication, style and glamour that would leave anyone breathless with longing.”

These are, no doubt, high marks. There is excitement in the air. There is also unmistakable urgency by both domestic and global clients to be ravished, in a manner of speaking, by Well Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments.

It is just a matter of time, a very short time, for that to happen. With the scheduled inauguration, a pure world of bliss is on the threshold of being unleashed on Abuja, and the hospitality industry in the nation’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is certainly on the cusp of history.

The epitome of sheer luxury, according to the validation by management, “boasts an amazing roof-top terrace that offers a transcendent view of the FCT, allowing guests an elevated experience and a secluded ambience of serenity.”

It is remarkably celebratory that this newest addition to the stable of hospitality industry in Abuja has the imprimatur of perhaps, one of the most disciplined, honest and committed patriots in the nation’s corporate world.

The planned celebration of the inauguration of the Wells Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments with pomp and ceremony approximates, if not equates, the celebration of the excellent spirit, dedication, integrity, responsibility, leadership, patriotism and bravura feats of its motivating force, Captain Hosa.

So, let good wine get ready to flow. Let sumptuous meal submit at the table and let the Disc Jockey get ready to play dance music for dancers and listeners who would add glamour to the occasion in accordance. Elbow grease to titanic Captain Hosa!

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