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What can I do to remove this shame?

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Dear Yemisi,
I am a young man aged 27 years. My s3x life is nothing to talk about because before two minutes, I have already released and that has always been the end of the fun.

Having continued this way for long, I have lost so many ladies because of my inability to sustain s3xual intercourse for as long as the lady would have loved.

Please, what can I do to remove this shame?

Ade, Internet.


Dear Ade,

I want to be sure that you are ripe and adequately prepared for the act. Are you married or you are just messing up with ladies who are not ready to stay put with a two-minute guy?

Naturally, what you are experiencing is nothing new as researchers have shown that three-quarters of men usually ejaculate within two minutes which is always more of concern to men and that which is too speedy for the average woman to be able to have an orgasm.

Now that you have identified this you need the support of your lover in overcoming this problem though it is said that an average time for a real action is between three and seven minutes.

It is equally suggested that changing of s3x partners too soon is another problem. Then you need to check your habit of changing your bedmates.

Having a new partner will demand patience from your end because in an attempt to prove to her that you are active might result in premature ejaculation.

Also, changing s3x partners no doubt exposes you to series of s3xually transmitted diseases and majorly HIV/AIDS. Therefore, you need to be extra careful in that regard.

s3x experts have suggested that for you to last for as long as want, you must take it slowly by re-ordering your activities by not first engaging in foreplay as you device other means of satisfying your thirst. You can directly go into the act and later have foreplay.

They equally suggest masturbating an hour or two beforehand as this will make it hard for you to come quickly.

Variety of positions is very critical to your satisfaction in bed. Try something new and out of the ordinary as long as you are having s3x with your legal partner. Vary your style and never be anxious again.

It will interest you again that going for hard condoms will not only protect your partner and you but dull sensations that trigger releasing before the expected time.

I will add that you need to work on yourself the more and stop seeing it as a personal problem as well as considering your predicament as being shameful.

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