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What Is Your Take On Proposed N170bn for Building of Cattle Ranches?

What Is Your Take On Proposed N170bn for Building of Cattle Ranches?

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It won’t end the killings. It would aggravate it because nobody has told us the reason for killing people. Will the ranches stop them from kiling people? What baffles me most is that law enforcement agents have not made any serious arrest or prosecuted anyone.Are herdsmen supposed to handle guns? The government should disarm them first and institute a punishment for the killer herdsmen before considering cattle ranches.

Mrs.Esther Okorie, Student

The cattle ranches will aggravate the problem and afford them the opportunity to kidnap their victims and hide them in the ranches. They will torture them in the ranches. The government should spend our money on uncompleted projects,assist the needy and awake the sleeping education sector. All these will put smiles on the faces of Nigerians because all we need is happiness and security.

Mrs. Glory Sylvester, Petty trader

Imagine proposing a whopping N70 billion deal for the construction of cattle ranches? Cattle are even the cause of the killings. Why spending our money on them? It is a wrong decision.

That is an insult! N70 billion that can enhance other developments? Will spending so much money stop the killings? I want the government to answer these important questions.

Miss Marvel John Self-employed

There are better things to do with that huge amount of money. We lack electricity and good roods among others.. Currently, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is close to 80 per cent. Our President can actually improve the economy with that money to an impressive level.

Mr. Michael Damien, Sales representative

The herdsmen do not want the proposed cattle ranches, They are after their cattle. The herdsmen have always warned that for any cattle killed, revenge will be carried out.

I think the solution is for the herdsmen to take their cattle to their respective towns and rear them there since human life is like the life of a cow to them.

Miss Tochi Onuoha Student

The Federal Government is merely playing on words as there is no difference between ranches and cattle colonies. The perpetrators of the killings are known as they always take responsibility for these killings. The government should prosecute them. Creating cattle ranches will not make any difference.

Mr. Fasipe Oluyemi. Communication Strategist.

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