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Who forgives easily in a relationship, the man or the woman?

Who forgives easily in a relationship, the man or the woman?

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Timileyin Akinkahunsi

In relationships and marriages, partners are bound to offend each other. Sometimes, one of the factors that determine a successful marriage or relationship is the ability of both partners to forgive each other and move on in love. Saturday PUNCH asked Nigerians who they think forgives easily in a relationship, the man or the woman

Women forgive more – Predaberry Osadebe

 I believe women forgive more in a relationship because they are very emotional. That is why once they are in love, they are ready to stick with their man through the good times and the bad times. A woman will always fight for what she wants especially when it comes to her man; that is why she will always forgive him easily to save their relationship. I have seen situations whereby a man cheats on his girlfriend and instead of the lady to fight with her man who cheated, she would prefer to fight with the girl he cheated with.

Both of them forgive equally – Abolaji Daniels

I can boldly say a man and a woman forgive easily; it just depends on the nature of the offence and how much they love each other. The person who loves his/her partner more will be the one who will be more forgiving in a relationship; he or she will easily overlook their partner’s mistake.

Women have a heart of gold – Ajadi Kemi

This question is a little bit complicated but interestingly; there is a saying that, ‘to err is human and to forgive is divine.’ In my understanding, I feel the saying means that only God truly forgives while human beings sometimes forgive but they can never forget. I know a couple of people that can’t forgive no matter how hard they try to, regardless of the gender. So I don’t think forgiveness has to do with gender but if I must answer this question, I will have to go for the woman because women have the capacity to endure the most in marriages. If a man cheats on his wife, she will definitely forgive him but if it’s the other way round, men hardly forgive their cheating wives. Even after a man beats his wife, she will still forgive him just because of the sake of her children’s future.

Another reason is women are more emotional and they have a heart of gold and also have this natural motherly love that forgives easily.

. Men forgive easily – Adewuyi Mariam

When you offend a man, he doesn’t hold it against you; instead he comes out straight and tells you what you did to offend him. But women have this habit of holding a grudge for a long time; even after a lady tells you she has forgiven you, there is a possibility that she is still holding something back. Men do not take things too personal; they don’t ‘over process’ people’s offence.

Women are more forgiving – Patricia Onwuka

Women are more forgiving than men in a relationship and marriage because women have feelings for others than men. A woman is very soft at heart and will always find reasons to forgive her partner no matter the nature of the offence, compared to a man who will still look at things rationally before he forgives.

Women are more forgiving – Sharon Stephen

Men cheat on their wives and most times after the women find out, they just overlook it; because our society makes it seem like women have no choice but to deal with being cheated on because they are the weaker sex. Women are created with a tender and large heart, so most times they even forgive in advance. Despite the flaws a man has, a woman will still love him with all her heart and remain faithful. But no man would ever tell you that he is okay with a cheating partner; they cannot even stand it because they don’t want to be in a situation of forgiving anyone.

Women sacrifice a lot in relationships and marriage – Tasie Dan Kalu

Men have their flaws but most times, women forgive more and better than men. If you check many marriages today, the women have overlooked a lot of flaws just because of their children and their home. When women forgive, they see it as a form of sacrifice for their relationship; they can go to any length just to keep their relationship or marriage. Even if they are not the ones at fault, they may still be the ones begging their partner just to make peace. Women go through a lot of challenges just because they want to keep their home.

Women are emotional beings – Oyebanji Sulaimon

As a man, I have seen women being treated wrongly and still stick with their men because of the love they have for them. They always have this hope that one day, the man will change. Men are logical in relationships when their partner offends them; they always think that if she cheated on them once, there is every possibility that she will do it again.

Women have fragile and soft heart – Oguntola  Abayomi

I believe women are more forgiving because they have a fragile and soft heart; they can be easily convinced by their partners after a fight. The fragile nature of a woman’s heart makes it easy for men to be able to win their hearts over. Some people see it as a flaw but that is just the way they are. Even if a woman should catch her man cheating red handed, if she deeply loves her partner, she will simply blame the devil for the man’s action and find more reasons to keep loving him.

It is the person’s personality that matters  – Oghenetega Odioko

To the best of my knowledge, forgiveness is not dependant on the gender of the person. Some men are more forgiving than some women. From my experience, some men forgive their partners easily and some women don’t. To me, the person’s personality will determine if he/she will forgive easily or not; it is not dependent on the gender of the person.

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