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Who should I turn to?

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Dear Yemisi,

I am in a relationship and I want to learn about things that will happen in the future.

Please, what is the meaning of s3x machine? Also, if my wife is not my s3x machine, who should I turn to? This is because some married women these days are complaining that their husbands have turned them to s3x machine. What should I do to handle this issue?

Anonymous, 0*****6***0.


Dear Anonymous,

You are getting worked up over an issue that you will only know what to do about it when you are in the system.

The meaning of s3x machine, according to the dictionary, is a person who can go on having s3x for interminable amounts of time. You should learn from this courtship period the act of controlling your appetite for s3x. How on earth will you continue to have s3x with your wife hours unending, all in the name of satisfying your libido?

Turning your wife to a s3x machine will not be to the benefit of the two of you on the long run because by the time you go for rounds on a daily basis, you are dissipating energy in the process and I think you will have to eat well before you embark on such a mission to recoup whatever you might have lost.

Before you know what is happening, your wife would be visiting the doctor’s clinic at intervals to check her pregnancy status all the time. It is only if you want to play the smart guy that you will want to tell people that you don’t have unprotected s3x.

There will even be times when your wife will not be in the mood and if care is not taken, she will turn your request down or reluctantly give in to a session that you will live to regret. You cannot enjoy the act at every round.

I will advise you to give her a break to get her acts together so that the two of you will always be looking forward to having s3x.

Your wife can never be a s3x machine and if she turns you down, so be it. You are not under any obligation to run to another lady to satisfy your desire if you don’t want to court any trouble.

Learn to be contented with her capability as she equally satisfies you. Life to me is not all about s3x.


Re: Help! I’m in a fix

Dear Chris, now that you are in a fix for double dating and not a trustworthy man, my advice is that  you should invite  your parents,  in-laws and your pastor, open up to them  the big mistake  you committed  so that they can beg  your ‘wives’ and promise  to be their bona fide husband. —Engr Segun Adebayo, 08188869664.

Chris at 45, I expect you to be concentious in your dealings. But as a philanderer, this girlfriend of yours was smart enough to let you know that the good things of life (i.e her money and body) are not free. She is not in the category of UAD-(use and dump). You are a cheat with heart –rending tale which could be half-truth. Life experiences like this make women mean and unforgiving at times. I am sorry, you will never experience the same kind of affection and love currently enjoyed from her again. With three beautiful daughters, and lacking nothing, you soiled your reputation, if any! Now you are faced with the likelihood of a devastated home. Arrange with your people to make an ingenious confession of your present ordeal to your wife. If your wife chooses to forgive you, it would be on condition(s) you might find hard to meet. Conversely, if your wife were to be in this messy situation, what would you have done? —Bright O,08139152222.


Chris, wonders shall never end! There is nothing you can do than to adopt and adapt. The desperate woman has tricked you as if she loved you because of your problem. Since you are not patient enough with your wife, now that the lady has told you that she would not abort the pregnancy, it is better you let the cat out of the bag in a decorum and humble manner to your wife, her reaction  will show you the next step. —Tunji Omosanya 09026522426.

Chris, my advice to you is that the mistake is already made as you cannot eat your cake and have it. The other woman may be pretending not to know that you were married. You should however not consider abortion for her, but rather discuss with your parents and later find means to persuade your wife to forgive you your mistake. —Debra A, ALAKIA, Ibadan, 08055631749.

Chris, you knew the result of not keeping to your marital vows by the time you turned to having many women in your life. Now that one of them has remained adamant of wanting to be your wife since you did not declare to her initially that you were already married with children you have to face the music. Ensure you try all you can now to be responsible for the upkeep of the two homes you have built through your carelessness. —Tunrayo, Lagos.

Chris, be man enough to tell your wife what you have done wrong immediately. You cannot afford to delay reporting yourself. No doubt your wife will not take it lightly with you as she has tried to help you in time of need, but she must be in the know of your mistake. Don’t let her get the piece of information from a third party. You will not like yourself if you delay this piece of information. —Kay,Internet.


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