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Why I became an Urban Afro musician —Adegboyega

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  Adeyemi Adegboyega Anthony, a rapper turned Urban Afro musician started music while studying at the Redeemers University. In this interview with WALE OLAPADE in Moscow, Russia, where he was part of the contingent of National Council for Arts and Culture in support of the Super Eagles, he speaks on his love for music and his brand.


Brief details about your background please?

I am Adeyemi Adegboyega and I hail from Ekiti State, Nigeria but I was born and bred in Lagos State. I am the second of three boys in my family. I discovered my love for music when I was  in Redeemers  University and became professional about it after graduation and completion of my National Youth Service Corp programme.

I attended Geneva school of Manhattan in New York for my pre-school education, Mindbuilders’ school for my primary education before proceeding to Dansol High School for my secondary education and ended up at Redeemers University for my tertiary education.


 What is your music brand?

I am an Urban Afro artiste, a vocalist and an instrumentalist.


What inspired you to venture into music?

While I was studying physics and electronics in Redeemers University, my friends and I used to leave school and go to the studio for rehearsal every weekend to do songs as a group. that experience gradually prepared me for today and that was how my passion to go into full time music started.  Actually I started as a rapper known as ‘Bugz’  with a group Silver republic.


How did your pare nts react to your choice then?

You know the way it is with every parent. They wanted the best for me by making sure that I was doing good in school. But I was surprised that when they discovered that I was tilting towards music, they did not discourage me, maybe because they understand the dynamics of life and its many mysteries. So what they did was call me and advise me to finish my university education course so as to be able to properly position myself in the music industry. They also made sure that I graduated before they supported my music career.

When we were growing, my  parents always told us that after your our university education we can be whatever you want to be.

They were not rigid parents that force their children to be doctor, lawyer or an engineer. They were very liberal. I remember playing my music one day for them while I was still in school and they were very impressed. They believed that their son, Adegboyega, can prosper in this career of choice.

You started as a rapper then changed to urban afro. What does it take to make such switch?

It took about four years for me to switch from the normal rap style to urban  afro music and build my brand but the thing is that in this music industry, you never stop building your brand and you never stop discovering yourself music-wise.


What story does your music tell and how do you feel about Africa?

I love Africa. I am extremely proud to be Nigerian  and that is why I always fuse African rhythms, percussions and strings into my instrumentation.  African music is fast becoming the most sought after in the world. That is why international artistes are featuring our artistes just to get a taste of the African spirit.


Do you have any album to your credit?

I don’t have any album yet because I’m working on only singles for now and trying to build my brand, “Adegboyega”. But before the end of the year, I promise a body of work to project the new signature in Nigeria music.


Great! So what is your impression about Nigeria music industry?

Nigeria music industry is fast growing, very competitive and it is producing many stars. The Nigerian music industry is going to be one of the biggest in the world. Mark my words!


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