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Why I want to be NANTA President —Muyiwa Salami, President Divine Travels and Tours

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NANTA Chief OTheperating Officer, Divine Travels and Tours, Mr Adebayo Muyiwa Salami has declared his intention to run for the presidency of the National Association of Travel Agencies (NANTA), in the next Annual General Meeting, AGM, holding in Port- Harcourt between March 22 and 24, 2018.
In a brief interview with WALE OJO LANRE, Otunba Salami said: I am ready to take NANTA to the next level. It is the backbone of the tourism sector and because of this, it must be reinforced strongly and strengthened with contemporary global tourism innovation and branding.


What is your view about past leaders of the association?

The association has been very lucky. It is one association which was founded on strict professionalism, global ethics and values, international standards, competitive peer review mechanism and intercontinental ethos. It is an association with members who are business minded, focused and forward-looking and who are ready not only to maintain the status quo ante, but consistently improve on the work on the ground. I am proud of the past leaders, happy with the present leaders and full of hope for the future.


Why are you contesting?

I am a product of NANTA’s leadership training. I have served at various levels of the association. I have been minted, baked, horned and sharpened by NANTA. I am a thoroughbred NANTA fellow. I have learned the rope. I know where the shoes pinch NANTA and I am ready, equipped and competent to mend it . NANTA is an octopus travel and tourism association which has grown beyond the frontiers of Nigeria and spread its tentacles via ATA to   West–Africa and Africa, thus, it needed a cosmopolitan minded fellow, an intercontinental person who can wean its spiral progression in the global platform.  I have been running my own agencies for over 25 years with no sign of liquidation or insolvency. I have attended several continentals and intercontinental travel shows and hoisted sand and Nigeria’s and NANTA flags all over the world. I am seasoned both in the travel business, marketing and politics.  I have a lot to offer. I want to add value and I will.


Let’s be specific about what you will do

Specifically, I want to build on the past achievements of our leaders. First, I will ensure the provision of the second provider of DIP for the Nigeria market. I will make sure that the entry level of IDP is reviewed based on volume of agencies; I will protect members from arbitrary and skewed dealings through fair level playing ground and eradicate the era of special or anointed agencies by the airlines; I will establish a just, fair and equitable leadership structure for better  autocratic brand which NANTA is experiencing now; I will institute open door policy which will pave way to transparency in leadership, accountability, nationalism, and infuse sense of belonging and cooperative endeavour .

Also, I with other members of the executive will inaugurate a vibrant cooperative society which will be funded sufficiently to serve as a succour of hope for members in the rainy days when there will be the need for credit facility at a very low rate thus preventing our members from the excruciating and exploitative  interest of the banks .’

I will launch a regime of capacity building, this is very crucial and essential. We are in a global village which is being stoked by the computer , internet, and digital advancement. There is a lacuna of these within the capacity content of NANTA members  and staff. I will strive to reduce this to its minimal level and NANTA will be best for it.

I have the vision to rescue NANTA from the pang of leaders of no vision. I have the vision of taking NANTA far ahead and above the imagination of leaders whose conservatism and reactionary tendencies have stagnated NANTA’s advancement.  I am ready for the mission to rescue NANTA from inglorious leaders. I am ready to take the association to its peak of glory. It shall come to pass. Vote for me.

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