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Why I wind down at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ita–Giwa

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A former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria  and one of the foremost promoters of Carnival Calabar, Senator Florence Ita – Giwa  has called on Nigerians both haves and have-not to embrace the act of recreation and relaxation  to keep at bay the process of ageing quickly and die untimely.

“It is not about having the money or not. It is about creating and adding value to one’s life and existence on the face of the Earth. The body only appreciates when you allocate time for it to recuperate and realign itself within.”

Senator Ita–Giwa who  was at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ikegun village, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos with her daughter and grandchildren  said “one of the secrets of keeping looking aged, old and ugly is the deliberate habit  of taking time to find a peaceful environment within your vicinity or elsewhere  to relax, recreate and  regenerate the body naturally.”

She said that   Nigerians should embrace the culture of winding down the hustling and bustling by frequenting or visiting any desirable environmental ecotourism   sites in Nigeria.

The Cross River State-born environmental and human right activist who spent a full day at the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ikegun Village, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos added  “One of the causes of sudden death arising from high blood pressure which is very common now particularly among the upper and middle echelon   of Nigeria is the failure to set time for quality relaxation and recreation pattern.”

She disclosed “some of us, I mean up mobile and enterprising Nigerians are always engrossed and swept away by the mentality of making money and achieving set goals and objectives without setting and apportioning time for recreation and relaxation. We are also oblivious that our body is a contraption of different fibers and nerves which stimulate and synchronise jointly with every part. Our body is just like a motor car. In fact, the structure or design of an engine of a car is just like the human heart and you know when an engine is overworked without stopping to cool down, it will break down. That is the simple logic about our body and the need to relax, recreate and bailout stress intermittently.”

Senator Ita–Giwa revealed “For me, I have since cultivated the art and hobby of recreating and relaxing with my family a long time ago. It is not about taking a holiday alone. It is about sequestering a time within your so-called tight schedule to find a place to bail off the stress and unwind or wind down in an atmosphere of bliss. You don’t need to wait until your holiday period which is just once  a year. You should create that time maybe once in a quarter of a year, a day in a month to feel free and lower your emotional and mental guards.”

She called on Nigerians to patronise Nigeria tourism sites and arena ‘we do not need all the trouble of booking the tickets, and flying to Austria, Paris, the Caribbean, and Brazil, New York before we recreate and relax. For there are many tourism spots dotted within the geographical landscape of Nigeria which you can calmly sneak into and have a natural body and soul refreshing breeze massage with no hustling for foreign exchange or foreign currencies.”

Senator Ita–Giwa revealed “I am a lover and patron of Nigerian resorts and tourism sites. I  make sure I  look for a site in an area I am at that particular time whether in Calabar, Lagos,  Abuja,  Jos or  Kaduna. I visit there, lower my guard, relax, breathe the natural air, feel the pristine environment and go back home.”

She lauded the planter of La Campagne Tropicana beach resort, Dr Olawanle Akinboboye for offering the world a first class resort which harbours so many features which cannot be found elsewhere.

Senator Ita–Giwa said “I am always full of commendation for  Dr Wanle Akinboboye for his rare vision, uncommon ingenuity and agrarian passion with which he has devoted at building a first-class Tropicana Resort in Ibeju Lekki which has hosted world figures and intercontinental events.’

She said that Dr Akinboboye has singlehandedly taken Nigerian tourism promotion beyond the borders of ecotourism contemplation but shore up the tourism frontiers with sounds, entertainment, and creative aspiration on intercontinental building initiatives.

She said “I can afford to fly to Hanoi, the Caribbean, Brazil, Peru, and Jamaica and to the so-called assumed the best Island of the world. But I realise that what I will be going there to see, feel and do are here in the most natural and pristine form better than the ones there. Are these not the coconut trees? Is this not the Atlantic Ocean? Do they have this brand of accommodation which is 80 percent of natural and local materials? Will I see the longest pool by the sea?   What about the natural ecotourism enclave with animals, birds and insects? So, there is no reason why I should waste money to buy ticket and jet to Panama or Chicago while I have a better product here in Nigeria.”

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Senator Ita – Giwa described Nigeria as a paragon of tourism “We are a nation that God blessed with all ingredients of tourism. We have waterfalls, Plateau, ranges for cattle, forest, historical heritages, geographical wonders, lakes, coastline, natural wonders like Ikogosi Warm and Cold spring, traditional cultures, unique foods and soup and festivals. All these are blessings from God which we are not taking good cognizance off.”

She disclosed “I have a big dream for the promotion of tourism in Bakassi region of Nigeria, I mean the new Bakassi territory in Cross River State where we have been able to build an event centre or town hall and where my people have not only settled down, but have started acquiring all their political status. We are going to turn the Island into a tourism destination.”

Senator  Ita–Giwa revealed that Carnival Calabar 2018 would be exceptional as “My band, the  Seagull is coming out with a spectacular bang and costume that will be most colourful, unbeatable and most fascinating. The  Carnival Calabar is our collective efforts and our pride which we will not sacrifice  on the altar of politics or personal tiff . You will be invited to see my band playing and doing what they know how to do most–excellent and exciting performance.”

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