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Why Nigerians should learn Chinese language ― Don

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Nigerian masses

A Professor of Development Macroeconomics and lecturer at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, Olufemi Shuaib, has urged Nigerians to learn Chinese language, saying the benefits of understanding the language is huge.

He made the remark in an exclusive conversation with Tribune Education in Lagos.

According to him, China-Nigeria economy relations is booming by the day and this required that Nigerians understand the Chinese language in order to relate and communicate more effectively with the Chinese while doing business.

Prof Shuaib, who is the Director of Institute of Nigeria-China Development Studies at UNILAG, explained that, at times, when doing business meetings with the Chinese, they would change to their language when wanting to discuss issues among themselves just because they know Nigerians around don’t understand the language.

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“But when Nigerians want to discuss among themselves, they have no specific language to switch to other than to speak in English, the nation’s official language, which the Chinese also understand very well,” he stressed. “So, learning and understanding Chinese language can only be an added advantage for a Nigerian.”

While equally encouraging the Chinese on their part to learn Nigeria native languages even right from their home country so that they would be able to communicate with Nigerians who do not understand the English language when here in Nigeria, he said doing so would further cement the relationship among nationals of the two countries.

However, the scholar lamented that Nigeria as a country does not utilize its population size as a market to develop its economy rather seems contented to be a consumer of products and services from other countries.

He said that was why many countries, especially China and some other Asian countries bring their products and services to sell to Nigeria huge market and consequently develop their own economies.

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