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Why we went into energy saving bulb sales

Why we went into energy saving bulb sales

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Marketers of electric bulbs in Alba International market have described themselves as patriots.

According to them, their mission into the energy saving bulb business is to help to salvage the perennial energy problem in the country.

They said that since power generation in the country was nothing to write home about, it would be foolhardy to waste the few that are being generated.

The Executive Chairman of Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria(EDAN), Ichie Fabian Ezeorjika said that in order to make sure that genuine energy bulbs are sold to consumers,cthey have involved the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON)cin the certification of energy bulbs being sold in the market.

He said that today, most of the energy saving bulbs sold in Alaba market are of very high standard because they are supervised by the regulatory body.

However, he warned that energy bulbs are not friendly with heavy generators.

He said that whoever wants to put heavy generators must first of all turn off his energy saving bulbs if not the power surge from the generator will affect them.

Contributing, Chaplain Michael Onyejekwe, the managing director of Mic OGC Nigeria Limited, the makers of Micreen energy saving bulbs  and other electrical products, said that the greatest problem the Nigerian government has is power generation.

He said that it is because of this they decided to introduce energy saving bulbs.

He said that many years ago, what was in the Nigerian market was incandescent bulbs which was very high on energy consumption.

But today, he said that 15 watts of energy saving bulb is equal to 75 watts of incandescent bulb.

He also said that the 15 watts of energy saving bulb gives five times illumination than the incandescent bulb.

On how generators affect energy saving bulbs, he said that original energy saving bulbs contain  diadotes and capacitors  which withstand heat and power surge ,adding that if the power surge is too much, it can affect the bulb.

“We can only know standard and substandard energy saving bulbs by their brightness and longevity. Another thing is price.You know Nigerians like cheap products .But the truth is that with regard to energy saving bulbs ,the cheapest is always the costliest .For instance, original energy saving bulbs go for N500 and they last for two years .But the substandard ones go for N200 and they can last for less than three months. This means under one year, you have spent more than one thousand naira in energy bulb and that is what they call penny wise pound foolish .So, my advice is that Nigerians should be going for original energy saving bulbs even though they are expensive in the beginning, but in the long run ,they are more pocket-friendly.

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