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Will ban on movement of cattle in Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Plateau end killings?

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I don’t think the ban of open grazing in the affected states will put a stop to the incessant killings. Let the government arrest those killers and bring the to justice, this will serve as a deterrent to others. Let the government all look into the source of their finances and the movement of arms, and block the flow of weapons. Banning grazing will worsen the killings because the herdsmen will be provoke.
*Mrs. Elizabeth Egnodor, Retiree
grazing colonies

grazing colonies

President Buhari
I think they are using cattle to cover their actions. There are many terrorists all over the country. Before, it was Niger-Delta, then Boko Haram and now Herdsmen. I do not think that this development will stop until the issue addressed. These people have witnessed havoc and would want to fight back. It is not possible for the killings to stop and violence to end now.
*Victor Adah, Self-employed

The Federal Government is just wasting the resources of the nation and it cannot stop what is happening in the country.
The killings will never stop for now. The Federal Government need to force the killers out of the country. I heard the killers are not from Nigeria and if they refuse to leave the country, the government should also retaliate by killing them.
*Lekan Obidahunsi, Self-employed

Whether the killings are political or religious, the government should do something to stop the killings. Miscreants hide under cattle grazing to commit crime. The recent killing in Benue is a case of ethnic cleansing. That is the modus operandi of Boko Haram. Goverment should beef up security in all Benue communities to protect the innocent people before talking of banning of grazing.
*Ms. Rejoice Omodudu Self-employed

It will only stop if the government addresses the fundamental problems behind the killings in those states. Once the people that are behind the killings are taken out and the cattle are no longer available in those areas, killings would stop. The root of the killings need to be addressed. We need to uncover the genesis of the problem. What gave the herdsmen the leeway to perpetrate those evils in the first place?
*Olaolu Moses, Teacher

IF the government wants to stop the killing, it should constitute an investigative panel on the issue. The government should also deploy armed personnel to arrest the killers since there are reports that stated that the identity of the killers is known. What the government has done amounts to lip service.
*Mr. Henry Ogboru, Sculptor.

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