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Wizkid Vs Shola Ogudu: Five Lessons You Must Learn To Avoid Baby Mama Drama

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Nigerian pop star, Wizkid, became the topic of much controversy earlier this week after Shola Ogudu, the mother of his oldest son, Boluwatife, took to social media to accuse the musician of being a deadbeat dad.

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Not only did she allege that the popstar was neglecting his fatherly responsibility, but Shola also came correct with ‘receipts’ showing screenshots of conversations between her and the Starboy boss to back up her claims. The matter quickly escalated online, which resulted in the musician receiving backlash from his fans and critics alike.

Like all scandals, this one will soon be forgotten and be replaced by another. Before then, however, here are five lessons to take away from ‘Baba Nla’s issues with Tife’s mother.

1. Have Your Receipts! – Anyone who has followed Shola’s history with Wizkid knows that this is not the first time she’s speaking out about the Manya singer’s absence from their son’s life. Up till now, however, many have dismissed her as an lazy attention seeking gold digger. While the receipts show blame on both sides, Shola has received much more sympathy than she has gotten in the past because she produced proof.

2. Let Him Go – Anyone who read Shola’s receipts would see that there were a plethora of moments where it seemed like she wanted to have a connecting relationship with Wizzy outside a parenting arrangement. This is definitely not an excuse for Wizkid not to care for his child but it is also a bad look for Shola. It apparently triggered Wizkid to want less to do with her which is no help for little Bolu. Holding on to an ex you have a child with makes an already complex situation more complicated and no one needs that.

3. Money Isn’t Everything – One would think that with all the money and wealth that Wizkid should have, he would be able to be free from basic issues like baby mama drama on social media. As cliche as it sounds, there’s more to living your best life and being a good person than being rich and Wizkid is an example of that.

4. We Need Enforcement of Child Support Laws In Nigeria – The only reason an international star like Wizkid can get away with dodging basic parenting responsibilities is that most laws in Nigeria are not enforced. There are always two sides to every story, but from what we have to work with Wizkid is seemingly guilty of not providing enough for his child especially in terms of finances.

5. Always Use A Condom – This one does not need much explanation. Whether it’s Wizkid facing baby mama drama or Drake being falsely accused of rape by an alleged baby mama, big artistes and grown adults generally need to start practicing safe sex for their own good. You may not have the Wizkid status, but do you really want to be stuck with someone for the rest of your life because you couldn’t take two minutes to locate protection. Think about it the next time you are about to Soco.

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