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Woman! you want to keep your man?

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relationship, keep(Continued from last week)
This piece by Bisi Adewale, posted in  which started  running here two weeks, ago, is a timely warning to all women on how to keep their men from husband snatchers:


10) They are very romantic

Romance is a strange thing to some women, the away women don’t joke about it, they are experts in this. Whole lots of wives are romantically bankrupt but strange women are professional in it. Men love romantic women and strange women know this.

What to do: Become romantic, marriage is a love affair, don’t allow motherhood and wifehood destroy your girlish instinct. Be romantic.


11) They flirt with their men

Strange women are not only romantic, they are flirty. They give “come and do” eye contact, if you sit with them on a table they make sure their legs touch yours, they put hands on men’s shoulders and touch men’s legs as they discuss. They greet men with a good smile, they laugh excessively to men’s dry jokes. All these signal immoral men understand perfectly and they quickly go for them.

What to do: Get flirty with your husband, hold his hands in the public, place your head on him when in a bus, touch his legs as you talk, sit close to him and sure make your body touches his own, hold him longer when hugging, he is your husband girl, get flirty with him.


 12) They are seductive

Strange women are not only romantic, they are flirty, they are not only flirty, they are seductive. They dress seductively, expose their cleavages, show their panties, wear very tight clothes that show their pant lines and curves, open their laps for careless men to see what is there. This is what your husband face daily, though he may not get home to tell you what girls in the office are doing to him, you need to know this and get it right at home, with right and what I call holy seduction. By this, I mean you counter them by seducing your husband regularly, this may keep him to you.

What to do: Get seductive with your husband; stop pretending that you hate s3x. Work round the house half naked when you are alone with him, bath with bathroom door open when alone with him, go ahead win your husband spirit soul and body.


 13) They make great use of perfume

Strange women use expensive perfumes, they smell nice to attract men.

What to do: Make sure you smell nice too, men’s sense of smell is very good, take advantage of this, capture your husband.


14) They make men feel wanted

Strange women do make men feel wanted, honoured and welcome by their attitude, cooperation and involvement in the bedroom. The opposite is the case with wives; they make men look foolish for asking for s3x, they make their husbands fight or struggle for it, what a mistake!

What to do: Treat your husband with honour, let him feel wanted, accepted and loved. If he touches you, encourage him and touch him too.


15) They use their breasts to the maximum

Most wives are fond of fighting their husbands for touching their breasts, but strange women will never do that, they make good use of this to capture men, they know that most men can be captured by women’s breasts, so they dress to show cleavage, half of their breasts, they wear clothing that shows their nipples, they go for breast enhancement, they go out bra less, you see the women that are after your husband are very desperate, you can’t afford to be careless. .

What to do: Don’t ever fight your husband again for touching your breast, it is not for the baby, the baby is a tenant, it’s for the Daddy, it is not for decoration, make use of it to keep your husband.


16) They cook great meals

Strange women also know how to cook great meal for men before sleeping with them. They know that men love food and if a man loves your food, he is likely going to like your body. .

What to do: Never commit your husband meals into the hands of your maids; you will likely regret this later. Be a great cook if you don’t want to cook your marriage.


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