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Women agbada for the win

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The west African native embroidered outfit has been making the waves for quite a while. The garment is traditionally made for men, in recent times though, we have seen women also rock the outfit. The Agbada symbolizes more than just wealth and status, it is a representation of a powerful social heritage.

The women and ladies have stepped up to the plate in rocking the extravagant embroidered attire. The below knee length attire is representative of the strong Yoruba culture from where the attire takes its origin.

Several female celebrities have rocked the fabulous outfit on several occasions and it will be worthwhile to look at how females can wear the agbada right:

Pair your Agbada with complimentary accessories

Every other rule of wearing a traditional native still applies when you are donning the fashionable agbada. You should pair your accessories right. If you are wearing a cufflink on your native top, ensure you keep the metal colour and tone consistent with all other ornaments and accessories you would be wearing. You also want to make sure that your wristwatch is not too heavy and that it is one that has a leather strap. You can substitute your neckwear for an appropriate bead, the use of hand beads is also considered appropriate.


Don’t go for the traditional headwrap

The idea of the agbada is to portray a macho, leading woman, as such there is no need to go with the traditional ‘gele’. When you step out in agbada, it is either you are wearing the male headgear or you leave your head uncovered. If you are going for the male headgear, ensure that the colour matches with that of your agbada.


Heels does it just fine

There is no need to break the bank to find a matching shoe to your agbada. The stiletto heels you already have in your wardrobe will do the magic just fine. All you have to ensure is that your shoes fit right with your agbada.


Flaunt it

The female agbada magic is incomplete without your own charm. If you want to stand out in the crowd of agbada wearers at an event, not only must your attire be distinct. You must also flaunt your agbada right. A lot of grace and charm goes into that.

When push turns to shove, the female agbada trend is here to stay. Get in vogue today.



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