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Women and abuse

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husband, abuse, womenIn Africa it is unfortunate that most women experience abuse in their matrimonial homes  and this type of abuse is called domestic abuse. The rate of domestic abuse is getting out of hand and unbearable, especially to women who experience it. It is so sad that even the educated men with formal learning and professions makes their wives to undergo this abuse and makes life miserable for their wives.

Physically most women are abuse by their husband by heavy beating and thinks it is a normal thing to experience and endure in marriage .Even some men makes their wives to feel inferior to them and also makes them to understand that the life of a woman is under the heels of a man which is not so. Although it is recorded that in the holy book that a man is the head of a family, but the actual thing is that a head can never function properly without a proper body. Therefore men should be made to understand and see himself as the head of the house, while his family as the body in which the head operates and function.

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Also, most women are abuse s3xually by their husband, having turned them into s3x object and slave. Though, one of the essence of marriage is s3x but a good husband is not expected to abuse his wife s3xually.

Most women are abuse financially. They are made to fend for their children alone. Their husband care less about them and the wellbeing of their family. Most women are made to through hell in fending for their children all alone. Most women are sometimes robbed financially by their husband and taken for granted. Although, a women is a companion and supporter to her husband, not an ATM.

To reduce this abuse, women should wake up and stand for their right.   In this case, a woman should see herself as a wife, not a slave object to her husband or anybody else. Abuse is not a normal thing in marriage, therefore it has to be tackled.

Most women thinks divorce and separation is not a good because they fear that friends and family members would gossip and mock them behind and also pity the bride rite their husband performed on them, because of this they continue in the unhappy marriage, not considering that some lives has been cut short because of this miserable lives. Therefore a woman in this case has to settle, think straight and consider what is better for her life. If confuse about what to do, she should consult a helpful NGO or human right activist.

Also, every mother of a boy child should instill in her boy child the value of a woman and how they should be treated like an egg which must not be broken.

The government should make a strict law that any man caught maltreating and abusing her wife should be made to face the court of law and convicted.

A person with a short life span may become a long life span due to healthy, joyous and happy marriage.

Babalola Blessing is an intern with the Nigerian Tribune

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