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Women urged to become commercial tricycle ridders

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More women have been urged to become tricycle riders as a means of livelihood.

Business Head of Simba Group, Minish Rohtagi made the call in Lagos on Thursday during the celebration of the 2018 Women’s Day, Simba group to announce plans to empower women.

The group promised providing a baby center and scholarship for tricycle riders.

He said that the group is reaching out to other states to get other women to ride the tricycle and enjoy the benefits offered by the company.

According to him, a governor of a northern state has promised that fifty tricycle drivers will be given to the group.

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“We are reaching out to other states too, apart from Lagos, and these also include the northern states. We already have the word of one of the northern governor that we will have fifty female tricycle drivers. This is heartwarming, because we would have assumed that it would have been difficult to get female drivers in northern states.

“We give free services to women riders.  We are thinking of more packages like a baby center for women tricycle riders for example, and we also intend giving out scholarships.”

Speaking on the contributions of Simba group on the society, the Marketing Head, El Hadj Seck said many tricycles have been produced for Lagos drivers and more will still b produced.

“More than 60% of tricycles used all around Lagos come from Simba group, and they are standard tricycles. Our tricycles have features like dashboard, in-built music players and so on and a very strong chassis. We test our products day by day to see that it is working well.

“We have been doing women empowerment over the years, and we hope to do more to better the lives of women in the society.

One of the female riders, Ada Jesus, told The Nation that the scheme has been very helpful to her. “I am thankful to Simba group, I have benefitted from them, and I am able to feed myself and family.”


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