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Workers day: Endure till 2019, Onyeagbako tells Imo civil servants

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By Nwafor Sunday

Bar. Charles C. Onyeagbako, has on Tuesday asked Imo workers to endure till 2019, when he must have been voted in to positively change the political sphere of the state.

Congratulating workers in his goodwill message, Onyeagbako said that civil servants are the backbone of the state and extolled their dedication, excellence and political-neutrality in the state.

His message read thus:



Hon. Bar. Charles C. Onyeagbako JP, KSM. celebrates Imo state workers and encourages them to endure bad leadership of the APC led Government till 2019

It is with great pleasure I celebrate all Imo workers and especially the civil servants in all government departments across the heartland today being the 1st of May, 2018. I also express my appreciation to those who have dedicated their lives in the past in the service of our great state who are now retired.

The Imo civil service is the back bone of the Imo State government. The Imo civil service was built on the principle of dedication to service, political-neutrality, excellence and continuity. This is why when governments change the Imo civil service remains stationary.

These core values led to the formation of the “Public Complaints Commission” or as many would call it “Ombudsman”, an institution dedicated to upholding the ethics of the civil service and its code of conduct, ensuring that errors in the discharge of public duties are duly addressed.

I am proud to celebrate Imo State Civil Service in the heartland and other Imo sons and daughters in the various federal government agencies in Imo State.

I celebrate heads of various department and agencies, the permanent secretaries and all other dedicated staff of various department and agencies both active and retired for their committed years of service in Imo State.

We are aware that the All Progressive Congress (APC) led government in Imo State has failed in all aspects relating to its obligation to civil servants, from failure to pay pensioners after dedicated years of service to failure to pay salaries, in addition to failure to pay gratuities.

It is very disheartening that Imo people will pay the price of failed government policies of APC led government considering the nature of the economy.

Workers welfare has been neglected; civil servants who are mothers and fathers with families are treated without dignity and caused to bear the hardship of recession while the APC led government is busy molding statue with workers salary.

No government with a conscience does that! Imo people are celebrating workers day in agony and deep sadness, festive seasons become a nightmare to Imo civil servants because they don’t have money to celebrant with their family and loved ones.

I know all these and I encourage all Imo civil servants to persevere in these trying times, to hold on to hope during this era of bad leadership, since what is remaining is already finished. Very soon we shall overcome bad leadership, imprudent public spending and poor workers welfare.

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