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Of power mongers legislative arm

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Nigeria practices two-chambers legislative system, which resulted in having the house of Senate and the house of representatives. The duo is saddled with the responsibility of enacting laws for peace and welfare of the country. Also, they serve as watchdogs for the activities of the executives, in order not to abuse the power. The power is entrenched in the constitution and is safeguarded by same.
The legislators are fond of vetoing the power of the executive by the power conferred upon them by the constitution. Not one but in countless cases where Nigeria presidency’s proposals have been aversively rejected in the hands of our senators and honourables. Here are some of my conjecture instances where our senators had proved to be potent.
The case of Ibrahim Magu, the acting chairman of the EFCC is apparent to my sole claim. The president wants Magu, as his loyal servant he wants to give him the power. The Senators don’t like him, they want someone lenient as Nigeria is not a military barrack.  The battle line was drawn between the executive and the legislature.
My second conjecture idea is that I don’t think the senators bother at all to seek people’s opinions before they act on the proposal. They pass bills as they dim fit according to their discretion. I remember when I told one of my colleagues that Nigeria has new criminal procedure act, he ignorantly asked which one we were using before. It just seems they make laws for themselves and not for the masses. They represent the people but they often act against the will of the people.
Sometimes the Presidency will think the legislators are impotent and sometimes act militarily. They (senators) will feel disrespected and disregarded and so will not abide by the presidency’s rulings even if it is in the interest of the public.
The footsteps laid down by our senators have somehow influenced our campus honourables. Of course, children are bound to imitate their parents’ characters. The actions and reactions of our campus legislators really indicate that, whatever a leopard sires is a leopard.
Here we are, let us demystify how the influence of our Nigerian senators and honourables have influenced honourables on the Campus. The members of our Students’ Representative Assembly have now turned chameleons and wear senators’; they claim to represent the students but what they actually stand for is themselves. They campaigned with their suger-coated mouths to us and pledged to be the eyes and ears of the campus, yet, they are failing us.  A number of lizards turn down their bellies, so we don’t know the one with a bellyache.
In my own opinion, I’m not sorry to say,  that the so-called  SRA members  are just figure heads. They are there because  they are meant to be there;  they’ve  been doing  nothing  to influence the campus society for good. If truly  they are our representatives, how come many of us don’t feel their representation? If we send a child on an errand, we expect him to feed us back, don’t we? The question is,  are this people existing at alI?
Recently, the name S. R. A started hooping all around the campus and I thought that at last, the dog has woken from its slumber. I expected things to go right. I somewhat felt happy not knowing it was  the wrong time.
Shall we discuss the fuss and its crux? Truthfully, our people  on campus crying of interlocks. The pathways are somehow sandy and sometimes give not only a ‘leg-ache’ but also a headache when rushing on an important appointment. Our authorities (school) may not notice.
 Undoubtedly, any administration that helps in this will get its plaudits as the earlier had. Any administration who includes this in his concern will in the heart of students immortalize its name as the past has done. Maibasira’s (immediate past president) name still remains young in our heart and will forever will for, he has given us water when we are deadly thirsty. So, students will not forever forget his marvelous efforts.
The Incumbent SU president, Kalgo tends to prove he is another savior for Danfodites. He wants to feed our hungry stomach but our legislators are angry. They said the hunger is still in control, so we are in need of no food. The proposal was rejected aversively. They have power and they wanted to use it.
Advertently, the president has proven he is above the law. The Students’ Union constitution is not the guiding book for him. He can act and unact for or against the dictate of the constitution. He has taken the students welfare as his priority. He becomes the historical king who gives justice even if it breaches the law. He thought our legislators are impotent and could not bear  children. This is the stringent bitter truth.
But now the impotent charm given to S. R. A has turned potent and now the barren father has started bearing children.
“I know it was rejected but I am above S. R. A’ or ‘I am the crème de la crème of my regime so I am above the law”. I am just imagining what the president might mean by the action. He has underestimated the power of a bee, and destabilize the hive. Because he sees small children in the middle of the sea, he thought elders could swim through like fish. I know the honourables will not leave him by himself.
Let us chase the fox away and warn the hen to run away from the wild animal whenever it is sighted. How can our honourables claim to have rejected such million plus project? Democracy enjoys popular rule, how can they condescendingly give  decision on it. Opinions of Danfodites were ignored, in fact, they were not sought. So, if the executives had not exposed your surreptitious decision, all Danfodites would have been became ignoramuses. Is this how you pass a bill with copious amounts of our views?
Danfodites will not sit and watch some stooge ruin the government. The money is the sweat of past administrations’ hard labour. Without fear, how can we drink the rivulet dry and go without digging for another source, it is unfair. If our father had not paid for our food, we would not get free feeding, let us made provision for our children.
Harbinger of Nigeria legislators resulted to the attitude of our S. R. A. This is what it will cost when someone has an irresponsible father.
Abdullah Tijani is a 200level Law student, an essayist and a campus journalist in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. 

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